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ET, Ubuntu, and Wireless


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So, normally I use Windows XP to play my games with, but I've heard so much ranting and raving on how Linux is better to play games, and almost everyone suggests Ubuntu. So I tried 10.04 awhile back, and now I've upgraded to 10.10. It fixed a few things (like sound being all jacked up), but one thing still bugs me. My wireless connection keeps on turning to crap half way through the first map I play. I'll be running great with low ping, and lagometer will be nice and green; then a few minutes into the game, my ping with start to creep up and the lagometer will start showing red and yellow spikes, just one or two at first, then it'll end up being almost every other frame.


Which reminds me of another gripe/issue. I can push about 200 FPS out of my computer in Windows, but I can only manage maybe 90 FPS tops in Linux. I figure I'm missing something here, but I'm definitely all ears/eyes for tips, suggestions, and comments on how to push the envelope in Ubuntu to get the same performance I do out of Windows.



I need to reset my computer to see if turning off ACPI is going to help or not, but otherwise some extra info; there are no other networks or wireless devices operating in physical range of my network, and no other networks or wireless devices operate within broadcast range of my network, so there is no interference. This seems to purely be a configuration issue between Linux and Windows. On Windows, I don't see the same response in lag while playing ET that I do in Ubuntu Linux. I figure I'm missing something, and I'm probably not searching correctly to find a solution (everyone seems to just have issues getting connected, but not about maintaining a stable/worth-while connection).


Edit: My memory just isn't what it used to be. I also just noticed that whenever I use the et-sdl-sound script to actually get sound out of ET in Ubuntu, the screen flashes any time the console is updated if I don't have the console minimized.


2nd Edit: Looks like the lag doesn't stay constant, but about every 5 minutes or less, I'll spike repeatedly for about 30 seconds, then it will go back to normal. Power settings, wireless scanning settings, or something else I'm unable to think of at the moment?

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The only thing that I can really think of off the top of my head.. is that the drivers you are using in Linux don't take full advantage of your hardware. I'm a Linux noob though.. so I really have no idea. I have the same problem with FPS but not with my connection lagging. I also don't know what sound script you are talking about.. but I had that problem too when I first installed. I don't really remember what I did to fix it. I always log in under the root account.. so maybe you can try that if you haven't. I don't have any issues with my console.

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on Ubuntu i didn't need any et-sdl-sound, i just did

/seta s_khz 44


in my cfg and I had sounds, but now I use Fedora so I need it or I have no sound. About the fps issue, I think it could be a driver thing, did you install drivers for your card on linux?

You need proprietary drivers to get the same fps you have in windows.


Sorry, no idea about your wireless problem, I only think you should use linux only if you like the os, because I don't see much advantage in playing et from linux...



- I like linux more than win

- less issues with multicores, and pb using cpu and getting fps lags sometimes

- direct input for mouse (no negative accel with high dpi) with in_dgamouse 2



- no slac (atm)

- can't paste in game console because if I have /ttycon 1 it crashes

- some cvars are not there (r_ignorehwgamma, for example)

- to have sound I need scripts

- can't minimize, I have to run et in a separate x server

- no mouse drivers (I had to rebind some mouse keys, and I use a little utility to set my g5 to 2000 dpi at startup)

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@sunlight - you can minimise et.. Just alt+enter then open console to free your mouse.. Then again to fullscreen again


I know, but then I have to reload the map like a vid_restart... it's not as fast as et minimizer on windows

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