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  1. SkyeDarkhawk

    WinMTR Test

    Judging by your network traffic alone, you aren't getting lag from that. What are the specs for your PC? What framerate are you running the game at? Can you take a screenshot of the "lag" you experience in the game? Hopefully you've got the Lagometer turned on. Try running WinMTR for 100, 250, and 500 packets. Also do the same while you're playing the game.
  2. http://www.nvidia.com/Download/Scan.aspx?lang=en-us That link is for the english/US driver detection page. Probably works best in Firefox/Internet Explorer. Your link from HP does not work. Likely, you are unable to change how much memory gets associated with your in-board video chip. You can increase your overall RAM so the video memory does not interfere with your RAM if you have less that 1GB. Your system board/mother board should have a PCI Express slot, at least 1. This slot should be a x16 slot. This means you can purchase a separate video card from any retailer that states PCI Express x16 v2.0 and likely use it in your PC to improve performance. You will not be able to find a "free" way to improve the performance of your PC.
  3. Did you update your video card drivers?
  4. SkyeDarkhawk


    Looks like ET isn't the only game affected by xfire's game loading. http://www.uberreview.com/2007/12/the-mystery-of-the-disappearing-cod4-profile.htm If you're using Windows 7, you can find your ET folder and possibly restore it from a previous date before you used xfire on it.
  5. SkyeDarkhawk


    Nope, when you launch through xfire it ends up loading a different profile location. Launch it through your normal shortcut and you should be OK.
  6. SkyeDarkhawk

    Jay3 Lag Problem

    You may also want to check your config once you join each server. I know that from server to server, sometimes my rate and maxpackets will change. Not sure about video settings though.
  7. SkyeDarkhawk

    Jay3 Lag Problem

    Got caught up in trying to vote early (apparently my polling location doesn't support early voters), and forgot about running the report earlier today. However, for this timestamp, I've attached my latest WinMTR. If your PC is causing lag, check for running services and applications. Add your ET folder to exceptions for firewalls and antivirus (at least realtime protection). You may also want to defrag your PC with a 3rd party tool like Defraggler or Auslogics Disk Defrag. You may also want to test your RAM with a tool like memtest86+ If you have overclocked your PC, it may be running hotter than before; now would be a good time to power off your PC, disconnect the power, and clean out the dust with some canned air. You might even want to reseat your video card and RAM while you have it open. If you recently updated video card drivers, see if there is a newer update, or downgrade your driver version if that doesn't seem to help. Also if you did update, check your video settings as sometimes wiped with certain updates. WinMTR_1000v2.txt
  8. Seems to be almost the exact same as my wife's HP laptop: http://www.amazon.com/HP-dv6-6c10us-15-6-Inch-Screen-Laptop/dp/B006OEL988 Same relative specs anyway. Granted, she doesn't play any games really, but it seems to do well for everything she does. I do know that it plays games better than my PC does though.
  9. SkyeDarkhawk

    Jay3 Lag Problem

    Sure thing, I'll check it before and after work starting in about 12 hours from this timestamp.
  10. SkyeDarkhawk

    Jay3 Lag Problem

    I've got it running right now, but I can say I'm already seeing an improvement in response times. I'll edit this post to upload the results when it finishes. Did they say what the problem was? Or did it self resolve? Edit: File attached. WinMTR_1000.txt
  11. SkyeDarkhawk

    Jay3 Lag Problem

    I'm also noticing a large increase in ping response from what I remember from forever ago on Jay3. Typically I pull 50 ping on all US servers, ~150 ping on all EU servers, but Jay3 I'm at 300+. I know at work we recently encountered some issues with DNS resolvers and; when we switched to and, things worked better/faster. My lagometer looks much the same as Onni's. Changed my rate and my maxpackets to no avail. WinMTR_500.txt
  12. I don't have any software left on my PC at the moment to do any editing. But just to take a guess, right now it's sitting at around 2Mb (2,000kb); you should be able to remove a frame every 10 frames and not lose too much quality. See how much that drops the filesize, then remove 1 frame every 7 frames; check the size, then remove 1 frame every 3 frames and check it again.
  13. While in Safe Mode, run msconfig.exe, choose diagnostic startup, click OK; reboot if needed. This will load only the most basic of required features of your PC the next time it starts up. If this works, run "sfc /scannow" without the quotes. This is the built in Windows System File Checker. If it finds any problems with any files required by Windows to load correctly, it will prompt you for for media (or if you edit your registry, a folder location) for your Windows OS. You should probably also schedule a chkdisk to verify the integrity of your hard drive and file systems. You may also want to defrag your PC. You may also want to run memtest86+ or something close to it (Windows has a built in memory tester)
  14. If it seems to be crashing in Firefox, what plugins/extensions do you have installed? Have you tried disabling them? Do you use Antivirus/Antispyware software? If so, which ones? Have you tried to see if disabling it fixes it? Is it up to date? Have you added exceptions for Firefox? For Flash?
  15. There may be certain drivers that the mouse is attempting to load, and fails. It may be that Windows did not install a compatible version of the driver that came with your mouse (if it had one). Try starting up your PC without the mouse plugged in. Try starting up in Safe Mode and uninstall everything regarding the mouse, and reboot normally to see if the system still hangs. What kind of mouse did you buy? Have other people reported this issue online anywhere after using this exact same mouse? Have you tried plugging the mouse into a different USB port, if it uses USB?

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