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Best scores so far


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Holycrap HAX!!!


Good Job Potato. I'm curious to see PTRS's :P


My best score so far :




I would do better if I wasn't lagging every 2 seconds. Grrr

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I had one game with my best score at 50-1


but unfortunately i didnt get a screenshot :(


I will post something though around x mas lol ...... this new PC and new windows 7 is kinda weird to get used to :P

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Also thought I should brag little bit about my this weeks performance online :P


Been playing a lot lately, so here is my weekly rank :yahoo . ALthought all time rank is not as good since my old PC with 20 FPS messed it up. Its in the trash can now RIP !

U can also see AVA, DAN and DUCKIE since they are on my friend list................... :)


I think its an achievement for FA clan to make into the top 250 ranks and I am sure many others will be getting up there and doing even better as well :D




Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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thats amazing scores potato !


I still have to try other maps and learn them. I ll be a super NOOB in other maps. I been farming NUKETOWN servers mainly all over USA/ CAN and as soon u pull good scores, ppl quit so i move on to others and then same thing. With all the accusations going on I hope novice players dont falsely report us or send bad feedback ! I m concerned !


I got called hacker, booster , fake level, fake profile , cheater , rank editor, etc etc etc so far......... but its not rocket science to get a chopper with hardline in nuketown.


The best one was " 50- 4 ??? yea right. NEW hack must have hit the market today " rofl :lol:

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