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Intern wireless network


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Someone recently asked me if it was possible use your television as monitor, but there shouldn't be any wires from his television to his computer.

Also, the keyboard and mouse should be wireless.


I think this must be possible, but I do not have much experience with wireless stuff.

Can anyone please give me advise how do do this?


He has an Philips 32PFL7603D LCD HDTV, a quite need type of television.

He has an old computer, probably way too old, but is willing to buy a new one.


All I want to know is what kind of stuff I need to set this network up.


I have been thinking about just setting up a wireless connection between the computer and the screen with a application, like you plug in an aerial in the tv, and another connected in the pc output for the screen, but I guess this is to easy thought off.

Also his keyboard has to be included in the network.

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If he wants wireless keyboard and mouse on a single PC it'd be best if he bought such a set. Making a wired keyboard and mouse to work over network is doable (for one of the solutions see Synergy), but they still need to be attached to a PC. Haven't heard of using a wired keyboard and mouse as a standalone network device or converting them to wireless versions, but it probably is doable (and probably much, much more fuss then using it simply over PC or buying a new set).

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Wow I didn't know you could do that =P. But to be honest, the price of that IOGEAR KIT is not worth it. Lol $279.95 + tax + shipping = holy facking shit (if you just used some cables to connect the PC to the TV it would cost you $20-30)

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It is doable, I spontaneously thought about a setup with WHDMI, wireless keyboard and mouse, but then noticed that he's got a 32" TV and not a 90" 4K TV. To be specific, a wireless HDMI setup ranges somewhere between 300$ and 800$.


My advice: since he's necessarily already got a power cord leading to the TV, I'd just live with another HDMI cable (maybe bound together), which starts at about 10$. A wireless keyboard and mouse are quickly put together ranging somewhere between 20$ and 150$.

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