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134 TONS of Weed Gets Burned In Mexico


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We all know tah the gov't took half of that weed, in school hte outherday we calculated it out to 9 billion dollars of weed..wtf



And to think all those mexican officials just smoked it. Psh...some people. I"m pretty sure Calderon rolled a blunt and toked it up with Bill Clinton as a friendly gesture towards US/Mexico relations

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I agree with alex.

although, now we got weed polluting the atmosphere D:



I disagree, even tho i no longer smoke weed and haven't since i was a kid. Weed isn't an issue in the world, it's man made drugs like meths, LSD, and all that. The only reason weed is illegal is because the government hasn't found a way around taxing it yet. Weed doesn't kill someone nor does it make them stupid. If a person abuses it then yes it can have temporary effects, but hell people abuse the use of aspirin and you don't see the government making it illegal.

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