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  1. Thanks redy. I am going to be installing ET after dinner tonight. I will most likely be on jay1 sometime tonight
  2. I am thinking about coming back on to play just havent gotten around to it yet. I redownloaded the game files just havent installed it.
  3. Thanks. Haven't gotten back in-game yet. Haven't had much in the motivation department to play much of anything anymore. Even gave away my world of warcraft account that i have had since the release of burning crusades.
  4. Well, i just wanted to stop in to say hello to everyone. Been a while since i have been on the site and ET period. 2015 hasn't been the best of years but thankfully it is over. I spent a week on the cardiac floor then shortly after in july my mother passed away from stage 4 cancer. A month after she passed away the lady i considered a 2nd mom who i have known since i was 7 passed away from cancer and then my cousin passed away from cancer in december. So with all that going on i haven't been in-game or doing much of anything else. Hope all is well with everyone and i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and new year.
  5. I think i am going to make me a new forum sig
  6. Thanks everyone and Achi don't you dare show emotions im gonna sick Vix on ya.
  7. Thanks, they are something i am proud of.
  8. Ok so a few years ago i met someone who i fell head over heels for. She also fell hard for me. Due to lifes little games it was proven to be for nothing because i had to leave state and we both ended up going our seperate ways. While with her i did something i have never been known for doing and that was writing 2 pieces of poetry for her. After it was all said and done i have never been able to write another piece nor have i had the urge to. Enjoy them or hate them but here they are. Truths Of The Heart With the smile that can warm even the coldest of hearts, I knew that i had to meet you right from the start. As i seen through the shrouds that hide you’re pain, I knew at that moment i had to know you’re name. You opened my eyes and showed me the world, And a love i thought long and gone started to unfurl. We share the same heartaches and have known the same pains, And yet i knew that our souls were somewhat the same. I will always be here to take you by the hand, To show you that you are never alone and hope that you will understand. You are my silent angel and this i wont lie, because of you i have found reason to stay strong and to survive. If this is love that i am feeling then i hope that it stays true, because darling i have learned that i am nothing without you. So take me by the hand and listen to my heart, I know that it’s always been you right from the start. Listen to my words and know this to be true, I will forever and eternally be in love with you. A Hearts Release Within the confines of my own personal insanity, I watched and waited for the darkness to claim me. You walked into my life and opened my doors, and i knew from that moment i was forever yours. Though i knew you’re heart belonged to someone else, I couldn’t help but wonder about these feelings that i felt. All these scars on my heart that took a lifetime to build, We’re wiped clean, forever healed. Never in my life have i ever found, So wonderful a person to be around. You touched my soul and taught me about who i am, And everything that is you i could never withstand.
  9. Meh this is Meh =F|A=SpiritWalker. Meh This is me............... =F|A=SpiritWalker
  10. I am no longer inactive, can i have inactive removed from my forum status please.
  11. Happy Birthday SpiritWalker!

  12. So i did my good deed for the day. Apparently the cellphone number i have now belonged to someone else. Someone just texted my number thinking it was their friend to tell them that their mother had passed away and to give her the place and time of the funeral in-case she wanted to attend. I responded back with my apologies on the passing of their family members and informed them this number was no loner their friends number. I also texted back and asked their friends last name and offered to track down their friend so they could inform them of the news. So after an hour of searching i finally located her friends home phone number and her exact home address and then called them to confirm it was them and gave the friend the phone number that had texted me. With that said i feel a little bit better about myself. How amazing how one small thing you do for people you don't even know and have never talked to before can make you feel about yourself.
  13. Sounds like a friendzone to me man, had one of them one time in my life, fell madly in love with her, wrote her a 3 page letter and gave it to her, told me it was sweet but she only liked me as a friend then she asked my best friend out 10 minutes later. Talk about a smack in the face. Guess thats why i prefer being single. Much easier going and no stress.

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