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Kicked After Ever Map.


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So I play on jay2 regularly and I get kicked after every map for the reason "server disconnected for unknown reason." this started happening after pb got turned back on, and the lag is unbearable, and almost unplayable, I was wondering why I continue to get kicked after every map, considering it wastes a good 5 mins of every map for me, and I was wondering the solution. Don't get me wrong, I still would like for PB to stay turned on, though it may need to be updated, etc.


Thanks for your time,


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How do I do that? Lol


lol nab copy and paste it here and use the spoiler tags or upload it on here


<spoiler>copy and paste ur config in here</spoiler>


Replace < > with [ ].



For example:




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I rarely play on Jaymod 2 now because of unexplained ping spikes, random PB kicks and mostly because of consistently high pingers who make lag more pronounced. Kick a high pinger and hear them b***/moan about it for next 2/3 maps on how to get rid of high pings.





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I find my Config in my etkey?? Or what? I'll look later today after I get home, I'm at school ATM thanks for all the help guys, any questions just ask..


lol think we can assume default config here :P



on a server, type writeconfig TestConfig,

then open your W:ET folder, then the etmain folder,

then look for the file called TestConfig, open the file with wordpad,

copy and paste the contents of the file onto here

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