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ET BEGINNERS #2 Is there a therad about the best configuration?


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I have no clue but I will be making a config for myself soon. I'll try to find all the good to know/quality of life commands I can find and create an alternative "default" config. If something like this already exists i'd love to have a link as well 😛

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There is no such thing as best configuration. Customize whatever you want and feel like, not what you're getting told is best, because that's a fat load of lies. To each their own, and your config should be tailored for your needs, not for what someone told you works for them.

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7 hours ago, Wolkenhaube said:

Like no blood and everything good to know?

seta cg_bloodtime "value" // Default is "120". Defines, how long blood is shown on the floor and walls until it diappears. I use "0"
seta cg_showblood "1/0" // if activated, you see blood when another player is hit by bullets.
seta cg_gibs "1/0" // if activated, you see splatter-effeckt when a player is gibbed.


Those can be set in .cfg and in consol by typing/cg_bloodtime and so on. 


In SiLenT Mod go to Esc/Options/View and mess with blood from that list as well. Hope that helps!

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This YouTube playlist, its quite good, if you are not so familiar with configuring your config.

If you need a list of configurable values look for the cvar site here: 






And like xiahou said before, everyone has their own preferences. 

I like my gfx config as clean and bad looking as possible. But others love the high Definition textures for example. My eyes tempt to get distracted though if i use more details, thats why i turn as much as possible off. I reccomend you to play around with your values and take some time to see what fits your personal gusto 😉


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