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Silent server broken?


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So normally when 1 team has say 4 players and the other team has 5 players for example there is a slot open for the team with less players so anyone who just joined knows which side to join instantly (though some admins expect you to check scores using /scores or to do some arithmetic and add up the KR's(though we all know they can easily be faked by knifing bots etc) or to check map progression, give me a break!!  No wonder so many use an alias and !resetmystats so they can just play and not be bothered).  Currently it does not matter how many are on a team the slots are staying even so it has become far to easy to simply stack.  I also figure people who have zero patience just see the slots are even and without looking or thinking join their preferred team (some constantly go axis while others constantly go allied).  Please can this be fixed as some admins are either too busy playing or too lazy to do anything and we cant all use the command teams2! to gain attention.  Anyone reading this can type /m f|a (enter text here) to send a mass message to all F|A tagged players to gain their attention.


Please help to keep integrity of the server before people leave.

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Dear Shadow, good afternoon.


When you make a complaint about server or about admins, first you need to bring valid reasons (you did it) and proofs (you didn´t).


Oh, why proofs in this case? Well, you brought interesting comments about admin duties, you even called them "lazy", this shows me something is missing in silent. I would suggest for you, if you really want to help us, take ss and demo from these admins that stayed neutral when teams are uneven and use "Contact us", so, your message will go straight to Staff+, they will handle this situation. 


My pm is open if you need. See you in game.

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You are generalizing too much. If admin is in spec and went on break, they can't pay attention all the time. 


Last time I remember, you where causing trouble on server and hence your application got denied. If your attitude has changed and you wish to help, silent #1 team, agrees that you are helper now from trouble maker, you are free to apply and become admin. This way you can help! Thanks!

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