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  1. EtT 2.6b is complex on Linux. You need to install 32 bit architecture, associated libraries and additional packages to get the game to run. Finally, you need to use the et-sdl-sound fix to get sound working. It's easier to use ET Legacy. Add 32 bit support and install the 32 bit version. If you want to play on ETPro and PB enabled servers, if you can advise your distro we might be able to advise you what terminal commands to run to get everything working. I managed to get ET running just fine on Debian, Mint and Ubuntu running a
  2. Fixed some more stuckages with bots in FA Italy. Also added additional routing so bots will take the rear access to capture the flag (the access route requiring jumping over the crates and barrels). Please keep an eye out for any bot issues on FA Italy
  3. The bots were trying to rebuild the wall once it was destroyed. Fixed
  4. Thanks, I'll take a look this afternoon at what goal is there
  5. @daredevil has fixed the issue you described. Players will now be required to join the team with the lowest number of human players.
  6. Fata Morgana is a really fun map to play, but it's quite large. On a server such as S1 where it's commonly 7v7 or 8v8, having a large map can result in a lot of gameplay walking round waiting to find someone to shoot. It would probably play quite well on B2, since the teams are much bigger. S1 players also tend to favour more standard gameplay maps. 'Fun' type maps tend to clear the server out pretty quickly (many S1 players like HC and hang out on S1 until HC gets busier later in the evenings). Praetoria is OK but as @Dark donkey said, it's a very long map.
  7. Removed: Radar Summer Removed:: Reactor Final Added: Tank buster Added: Industry 2 Fixed: Numerous instances of bots getting stuck on drain pipes in FA Italy B3. Also added roof access for bots. In progress: Bots to use alternative routes to capture flag spawn in FA Italy B3.
  8. Looks like most of them have appeared on the server now. Still missing: 1944_Omaha UJE VIP B3
  9. Waypoints have reverted to those included with the original omni-bot install only Getting a permission denied error when uploading additional ones. Key ones noted missing: etl_supply fa_italy_b3_fixed railgun_eu ET Beach has also reverted back to the original one so bots won't progress pass the sea wall. Capuzzo waypoints have also reverted back so bots won't build the CP.
  10. This tutorial is to cover off how to add additional omni-bot goals, specifically weapon, defend, attack and camp goals. These goals will allow you to keep bots in a specific area, attack or defend a specific area, or use a certain weapon (such as artillery, mortar, sniper rifle etc). Before doing this, you should already have done: 1) Waypointing basics: click here 2) Waypointing - Scripting Basics and Goals: click here So, let's get started. Make Goals Visible Use the in-game omni-bot menu to show existing map goals. You should now be able to
  11. Silent 1 is in the process of being updated which will allow you to connect from ET Legacy 2.77. In the mean time, you need to use ET Legacy 2.76 or earlier, or the official ET 2.6b or 2.55 to be able to play on Silent 1 or NoQuarter 2.
  12. One for DD as that requires config changes An increase in Axis spawn time should do the trick, as the map can usually handle a reasonable volume of players once that issues is sorted.
  13. Great suggestions, will look at these ASAP. Potential maps to remove due to lowest utilisation: 1) Reactor 2) Radar Summer Tank buster might need setting to only be available when it's busy, as it's quite a large map if it's running at a 7 v 7.
  14. Note: if you install 2.77, I recommend you copy pak1.pk3 and pak2.pk3 from another installation and place it in your etmain folder. These files aren't really needed any more (hence not being installed with 2.77), but if the server you're connecting to still has them and you don't, you'll get a 'couldn't load an official Pak file' error when connecting.
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