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It's Official w00 h00


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Well evenbalance yesterday released 2 updates for pb addressing the kick for packet loss error :P.


So hopefully all will be well again :P


Saturday 11.06.2010 [4:30PM]


Version 1.778 of the PB Server for ET has been released to our PB Master Servers for auto-update and to our website download page. This version further addresses kicks for "Losing Key Packets" with code #9014.

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11/06/2010 23:25:46 - "hellreturn"

Note #5: Yup. It's still happening:


Thats on my NY machine... Issue is still there even after last update 1.778.


Kicked everyone on our NY Etpub. Tonka just email last night.



[11.07.2010 00:09:31] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9014:
[11.07.2010 00:09:32] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9014:
[11.07.2010 00:09:33] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9014: 
[11.07.2010 00:09:34] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9014:
[11.07.2010 01:29:51] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9005: 
[11.07.2010 01:49:31] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9014: 




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LOL yes it also kick aload from ours too :/, BUT not for the loss of keypackets issue haha.

Was only kicking players that needed to update their punk from a while back, also the updates d/loaded automatically as it should, it did take however around 10 minutes after that to show the correct

updated version number :s. AND(lol gets better) around another 10 - 15 minutes after that for the pb_alist to start working, BUT at this point, the /pb_cvarlist still was not displaying and merely

came back with 0 current violations! Ok right so i set my /cl_timenudge to negative 70!!!! annnnnnnnnnnnnnd it just sat there and didn't care lol. Again /pb_cvarlist ----------0 current violations!

And it would seem that although YES they appear to have fixed the loss of keypackets issue, and in return have exploited the General communication error Punkbuter_B.exe kick!

So We wait :).

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hey!! and what about SLAC ?? it gave me some trouble.. i need to install it for play in some servers :/


Install it and we got Etpro for it buddy!

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