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PB Client Authentication Failure

gReddysaurus rEx

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PB continues to prove it's uselessness in pc gaming. Last night, I was playing ET just fine and dandy. But tonight and earlier today I was getting kicked for "general PB client Authentication Failure." Five minutes ago I was kicked for that reason and when I reconnected, I got another kick for "losing key packets 9003."


I have Windows Vista, but I run ET in Windows XP compatibility mode and as an administrator. I've also updated pb earlier today but it still gives me this kick.


EDIT: I just tried reinstalling pb and it didn't do anything. Good job punkbuster... you fail as usual.

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Well sorry to hear that, happens too many times. Hopefully PB will fix it soon... You´re that gfred... guy, right?

Did you try to DELETE pbsetup.exe and co? And do you run other programs with ET? If yes try closing them.

Is ET+PB enabled on firewall if you have any?

What CPU do you have? If multicore then would be worth to try open task manager- click on ET and set affinity to CPU cores which isnt 0.

Also could set values in console

\com_hunkmegs 128 or higher depending on RAM

\pb_sleep 500

Thats pretty much all solutions popped into my mind.

Hope to see ya soon back and fragging ;)




hmm just remembered- make screenshot of PB actions on console when you are connecting till kicked. those blue lines u know;)

might help when you delete old unnecessary and packs from other server, helped me once. But you might wanna SAVE ETKEY before deleteing anything(ETKEY=ur LVL+XP)


PS. This topic would fit more under SUPPORT?

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