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ET NQ #1 noquarter rules


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hey guys

are this are the rules for the nq is too simple and like no rules



  1. There is no rush rule on this server but we do encourage people to play the map for a minimum of 5 minutes before completing the final objective so that everyone can enjoy the map.
  2. Trickjumping is allowed to complete the objective after 5 minutes.
  3. Talking in other languages is allowed up to a certain extent since it's a European server.
  4. This server has additional vsays so we allow spam to some extent as long as It’s not just continuous spamming. Players may be temporarily muted if they spam too much.

5 m after thats all is allowed ??


tj allowed after  5m this is insane (not ur insane xD )

it should be no tj for obj to players dont giveshit of the unlikly rules


5 m after thats all is allowed ??



plz guys am suggeting to change the rules once 

trickjump for obj should be not allowed

like beginners server

and srry if am wrong

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30 minutes ago, daredevil said:



I think @Raziel had some idea related to this. 


Dark Donkey - Any reason we we want to block TJ? 

I think its messing up the game because after just a few minutes and ppl will start jumping and doing the obj ruining the gameplay...its my opinion. Let ppl be challeneged to actually do obj instead of quick end

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Allow me, dear gentlemen, that I will present the matter and let my logic speak.

I wrote under my application that there are some inaccuracies. 😎


The NoQuarter mod should stay as is. So we don't do the so-called ETProfessional or add anything to it. Now the logic comes in.

Digging dynamite should be on. - No. 


Digging dynamite gets in the way of the game. If you plant dynamite and kick it, the opposing team has a few seconds to react.

This won't even let the engineer come out of spawn. 🤔


When we ban practicing TJ, players will need to get used to this rule. FA members will have to pay attention to those who break this rule. -

No need. And so will this rule be broken. There will be unnecessary quarrels and accusations about who did TJ. 🤔


If TJ is allowed and someone clever jumps to the target, applause for him. - 1000IQ. 🤪 This does not yet mean that the opposing team will

win. You have a lot of time to react, plus the player must break through hostile territory. 


Antirush is set so that the game does not end too quickly. Or we stick to the 5 minute rule. This policy is not needed if AntiRush is present.

If AntiRush is not present, small arguments can arise. Someone may jump over and be transferred to the observer. At the same time, we will

discourage the player. AntiRush should be applied and the rule removed. 🤪 In every second map you have to complete the objectives one

by one, and in some you can't do TJObj. 😜

The FA regulations are good but are not clear on some points. 🤔

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Look man if they remove antirush from u will do tj cuzz i saw do tj alot of tomes than means ur tj noob 

U like todo tj obj and i donr like that cuzz it make et sucks 

Maybe they will remove antirsush and set tj not allowed for obj ever 

That way we Ill all play and have fun

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This subject has been covered a number of times and until stated otherwise please read and abide by the following when playing NQ1..........


1. There is NO anti rush rule on NQ1, NONE........BUT FA really appreciates it if players can play the map for at least 5 min before finishing so others can at least enjoy the map....However finishing the map in less than 5 min is NOT against any anti rush rule as there is NONE on NQ1 and players should not be punished for it if NO TJ has been used..


2. TJ is NOT allowed to be used during the first 5 min of any map to complete an objective. AFTER 5 min TJ IS allowed to be used to complete the objective(s).


Personally i don't see how the above is confusing or hard to follow.



Some maps do have scripts to prevent object bypassing. Daybreak for instance has scripts that force players to play the objectives in the correct order as bypassing objectives on Daybreak breaks the spawn points for allies and in turn messes the maps up, hence the script(s). Please note though that this script is to stop the map spawns being messed up and isn't there to enforce the non eexistent no rush rule.



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35 minutes ago, Dark donkey said:


Its good rules maybe try to make caen and other maps anti tj 


The rules are the same for all maps mate, TJ is allowed after 5 min. 


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5 minutes ago, Snuffs99 said:


The rules are the same for all maps mate, TJ is allowed after 5 min. 



I just propose it🙂

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56 minutes ago, Dark donkey said:


I just propose it🙂


 I'm just clearing up any confusion as to how things currently are rule wise on NQ1.

That said proposals are always more than welcome and are always taken under advisement.


Frag you soon i hope. 😉

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