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How much it costs to produce a wii, xbox 360, ps3 ..etc


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I wanted to share some fun facts on video game consoles =P

The cost to produce each console at launch (in US currency):


Wii: $200

Xbox 360: $715

PS3: $805.83


Production costs 2010:


Wii: ~ $70 (analysts estimation)

Xbox 360: ~ $190+ (analysts estimation)

Xbox 360 slim: Unknown

PS3 slim: ~ $350 (analysts estimation. according to sony, despite previous comments the ps3 slim is still selling at a loss)

PS2: $35 (analysts estimation)


Retail sales price:


Wii - $199

Xbox 360 4 GB slim model -$199

PS3 slim - $299


I dunno about you but i found it shocking that the xbox 360 and ps3 are still selling at a loss (if you don't include online sales from ps network/ xbox live). Also the wii sounds like cheap plastic for the price they sell it at

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You shoold also consider the prices of games to see the whole picture ^^, and keep in mind that developingcost are oversized like all american products .

Last but not least the productioncost (the price they pay to build a gameconsole in china} is no moore than 12 dollars :).

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corporate lies like always they pay a chinese workers like 100 dollars a month and each worker makes like 1000 consoles including preensamble circuit boards and the rest of the carp and then they sell it to us for 4 times the price of it , in the corporate world if they lose money they go bankrupt and trust me they want to keep their stock up at all times ! , can i watch porn on my ps3 ? yes you can and our stock will go up! lmao

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Also, we have Mac Pro computers at college. Our film teacher said last class the computer is like €6000(when it first came out) but it costs like €600 to make lol, he said they make it so expensive, cause people buy it anyways because it's "apple"

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