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!put command on nq1

Ford (Cz)

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Hi guys, as you know already when you use !put command on nq1 team will loose heavy weps (flame and panza) usually not just for rest of round but longer no matter what so maybe can you stop using it especially when you know it is going to happen? Talking about Vice86 as well as you know that cos i told you numerous times, yet you do it again and again. How fair are teams in your opinion when one team can use all heavy weaps and other can't use them for at least 1 round? Or is it just some form of pisstake? 

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While I can understand your frustration of not being able to use heavy weapons, not being able to use !put will cause the admins to no longer being able to do their job properly.
Unfortunately often the only option for admins to balance the teams (and remember, player numbers do not reflect how balanced the teams are) is to use !put since players either don't respond to our questions or just flat out refuse to switch teams.

So in short, I don't think this is a viable option

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Well, the problem is that sometimes we have to move ourselves (quite often actually) in order to balance the teams, and often in those situations, due to the 'even teams' setting of the server, admins can't switch teams without using !put.

I'm not sure what the proper channels are to get this bug fixed, but maybe @Snuffs99 or @daredevil can take a look at this problem

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