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  1. Ok, thanks all. I'm not gamer, just not my kind of thing I guess so I'll pass on that graphic cards I tried to avoid that clean install for simple reason. "lack of time" + my system of storing files etc. Just not using File Explorer (Total Commander all the time) so I have files saved in like million of dirs everywhere around. All that searching for one thousand of my backup dirs for this and that. That's the reason why I was thinking about cloning. So I might use clean install and then slowly get all files from old disk. Also when using CrystalDiskInfo it shows "uncorrectable sector count"
  2. Hi guys. I'm thinking about upgrading my old PC Acer Aspire TC-710, I3-6100, 4GB, 1T HDD (2 partitions so 2x aprox 500GB), Win 10 Home (OEM). I would prefer upgrade rather than new PC. PC is quite laggy and slow starting (2 mins) etc. Just for typical home use (not a gamer) + Firestick TV. As a first step I'm thinking about SSD 500GB (so I can stay in about £50 budget for now). Later on maybe i5 processor, RAM + bit of a graphic upgrade maybe later. Not a fan of clean Win install as I'm having nightmares from previous backups of all of my bit messy dirs etc. So if I'll get SSD (thinking about
  3. I can't see it in BIOS or Disk Management at all. It acts like HDD plugged only to power. I found PCB on amazon and it looks exact the same (even numbers on board), the only reason I didn't get it yet is price (about £40). So if I understand firms which are offering HDD data recovery are working just with SW (you need to be able to see HDD at least in BIOS for example), they don't change PCB? So I guess my best option is to change PCB and then try that eBay guy to unbrick disk?
  4. It doesn't look like OEM. Original Win label is for Vista. It looks like guy updated to Win10 as there is hand written sticker with reg key for Win10 Pro.
  5. One more tech question - years back I accidently knocked into running desktop (more floortop) PC and HDD went KO. It is not detected even in BIOS and I tried on other PC, tried it as an external HDD. That's the reason I can't use any software (not as far as I know) because I can't see this drive. When switched on it sounds like perfect working HDD, no clicking sounds etc. The only reason why I still didn't bin it was like 10 years of photos and pictures which I never (obviously) backed up. Google said there are firms offering HDD recovery but many times I found reviews saying that guys were ch
  6. Hi guys, just a quick question. Some time ago I bought one of those mini laptops and it was with Win 10 Pro installed (originally it was on Vista i think so pretty old machine). With this it was incredibly slow. Later on hdd went "kaput" KO. I changed HDD and installed Zorin Linux and it goes pretty ok (not expecting any miracle as it is old and not powerful machine). But I am wondering if I'll be able to use reg key for that Win10 which was on old HDD for new different PC? Is there way how to "unregister" Windows without having them installed on original HDD and then use it on new PC?
  7. Ford (Cz)

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

    remove - Dubrovnik - unless double jump allowed as without it is just boring and no fun Library, Kerkyra, 2 tanks - not very popular, no fun factor add - baserace classic - all time favourite - popular and nice to have "easy" map Marrakesh - always popular - no idea why it was removed Industry - good fun all "add" maps with double jump allowed as it is good fun for beginners and not so superskilled players
  8. As far as I've seen it is not happening when you move somebody to other team (when balancing teams) , just when you move yourself to team by using it.
  9. Hi guys, as you know already when you use !put command on nq1 team will loose heavy weps (flame and panza) usually not just for rest of round but longer no matter what so maybe can you stop using it especially when you know it is going to happen? Talking about Vice86 as well as you know that cos i told you numerous times, yet you do it again and again. How fair are teams in your opinion when one team can use all heavy weaps and other can't use them for at least 1 round? Or is it just some form of pisstake?
  10. Ford (Cz)

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

    As I said before - played by HOW MANY players? When server is full-ish old maps are wining and new maps are getting 1 or 2 votes max. Jesus what you want to hear? Amazing job and tap on shoulder? Don't be surprised if you don't get feedback from all players if you still twist my words. So back to first point - overplayed = most popular, so lets remove it cos I am getting lots of messages (5 regulars?) on here and there. Clearly missing point of my post. I'm out.
  11. Ford (Cz)

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

    I think you are misinterpreting my words and pretty badly. Quoting "unhappy players" - it is as simple as it is. You've got messages from unhappy players - yet those maps which they are crying about are still winning votes by miles. As I said usually new maps (which apparently many players want to see - including those many who are messaging you by discord etc) get 1 or 2 votes MAX. Fact. "Not just with me" - I said "I BELIEVE not just with me" so again - your interpretation of what I said sounds like I am proper dickhead. I never mentioned somebody is whining to me. Looks like favourit
  12. Ford (Cz)

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

    Does it mean "most popular"? No offence but I still read comments from the same ppl about maps being boring and played again and again etc. and about "huge amount" of players who want to remove this and that map (favourite argument of BigBro for example) and when it comes to vote - new maps are getting one or 2 votes MAX (that usually means 1 or 2 players) while "oldies but goldies" are smashing new maps by miles. So where are all those "unhappy" players when it comes to map choice? Or am I just missing something?? Same with guys crying for setting changes. They're gone or playing on Silent e
  13. I recently felt in love with Aamir Khan movies. PK was recent movie I watched and it was a real deal for me. Especially at the end when talking about religions. That was a massacre and I have to admit I had tears in my eyes. Then Dangal, Pad Man, Secret Superstar, Every Child is Special. For some reason I can't get enough of that type of humour.
  14. Love Bruno Banani! Used to have blue bottle, cant't remember name. That's when I felt in love with that. Had that 1 from picture as well. Like Creed Aventus but bought just a few small sample bottles. I'm bit scared of that issue with batches so not fancy to spent £XXX for week 1. But I tried Armaf - Club De Nuit Intense Man. People will always argue about this but ... It is a clone of Creed A. but pretty good one. First 10-20 minutes it can be pretty strong smell but then ... First time I had it I went to work and I got 3 compliments straight away from 3 different people. Stays long and it s
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