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  1. As I said before, didn't see anybody complaining about this for ages and I mean ages. Except some >A< or whatever clan boys recently. No idea what your "old" server means. Is it still alive? If not, question yourself why. SK is allowed on NQ1. Sure it is not on every FA server so maybe play where it is not allowed.
  2. About maps: I would love to see old baserace or even that other baserace version. Some easy map just for shooting.
  3. It was changed couple of times as long as I remember and it came back to vote again and again. Played ET before 1999 when I went for national service. Don't know previous names or whatever, never cared about it. So remember playing maps like radar, rail etc. for a while.
  4. Saying that - I am very confident to say that most of players are playing after work etc. And when I am tired from work (or even now) then form of relax is just playing known maps. My case. Voting system shows one thing. What MAJORITY of voters wants. Simple. Now adding "I hate double jump over here and over there (didn't see anybody complaining about it since that >A< or whatever clan it is member came in recently), I don't like too many heavy weapons over here and over there, I don't like spawn killing" etc. Jesus you're not Vox populi. Majority is ok with that, get over it maybe?
  5. Not sure if it was deleted previously so - I am playing ET for about 20 years +
  6. What is then actually rule about spawnkilling at NQ1 maps? Thought it said sk allowed but then we are getting told by admin things like "stop doing sk because some players are getting annoyed by doing so" (despite fact there is spawn protection time so plenty of time to use one of few exits)) etc. Cos sometime it feels like it is more admins opinion rather then server rules stated at wiki. Thanks
  7. My view on maps and rotations etc. There ALWAYS will be somebody who is not going to be happy about certain maps. Me for example - I like old maps and maps which are played again and again (apart of Beach which I hate for unknown reason). When there is a new map when I can't just run around and shoot, I go to specs or disconnecting. I'm not the only one. Then you have players who want to play new maps all the time. I think yesterday I've seen comment from admin saying there are no new players cos we still vote for old maps again and again. Sorry but that's BS. Still getting new players. Also how come when there are for example 30 players and vote for map - usually it is between 2 maps like 20+ against 20+ votes (so 7 players against 7 players approx and before you mention that - I don't think I am the only one who cannot be bothered to vote for 3 maps and who is choosing only one map by vote). Rest of maps? One or two votes for next lets say 4 or 5 maps max. All new maps or unknown one are having most of time as I see big fat 0. So this maps are getting votes for again and again for simple reason. We (or majority) like them. Map suggestion on a forum? I mean honestly? How many players (not admins) are visiting ET forum regularly?
  8. Hi there, I am curious about this panza fix. Playing on NQ1 and didn't have an issue with bots overtaking panza for a while BUT .... I spoke about this with other admins and they have no clue - it is weird but player "Bob" can somehow overtake panza from you when joining teams. Some other players mentioned this as well. Like today I joined game, was there for couple of minutes (not even 5 mins) and then again player Bob joined my team and my panza became "unavailable" and he had it. Any idea how is this possible? No other player can do that as far as I know. Thanks in advance.
  9. Ford (Cz)

    xp lost?

    Hi guys, any idea what happened on NQ1 as me and other guys lost all xp and starting from 0 ... Thanks
  10. Hi guys, can anybody check if you received my donation (trans.ID: 14H546081L514983C from 15.09.2016) $30? It is showing on my paypal account but having something different on bank acc. so I'm not sure at all if you received money or not.Thanks
  11. Hmmmm, I'm an idiot cos for "some reason" I thought it's on F|A #1 .... And I was wondering why it was bit empty, just a few players ......
  12. "Farthest you've been from home?: Moravska Nova Ves, Hodonin, Cz" OMG!! How did you get there??? I used to live in a village just a few miles away from there (Mutenice)!
  13. At Sun lunch time when desperately needed a hangover killer I discovered this one Bachata http://www.bachatabeer.co.uk/ Really interesting flavor. Otherwise I found a local brewery called Saltair and their elder flower beer is my favorite. They do a Raspberry one as well and no matter how strange it sounds - it is awesome. Don't expect sweetness. Really nice.
  14. Love it simple. Pizza with rocket and parma ham, no tomato. Speck I love in a risotto. Never tried it with chips but will do. Some guys are eating pizza with mayo at work so why not

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