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  1. "each team has 3 crates taken" for 25 minutes and it was 6 against 8? Then I did !teams cos it became 5 against 8 and it is not ok? Jesus you didn't win, get over it. Vitosa is actually one of nicest admins I remember. Never had a problem to switch and even teams couple of times during one game, never argues, totally "Saint" IMHO. Btw. thanks for considering me as a "good" player as I still consider myself as average 1. I used to even teams all the time (I never did that to be "liked" by admins, as even on other servers I was always refusing invitations to be an admin or to apply for an admin when I was asked (including FA btw.), I just did it cos it felt like right thing to do). Then I stopped. Now I do sometimes but not very often. Because of teamstackers and also because of few admins and their actions or comments in a past. In my opinion there are way too many games when guys are switching into "stronger" or winning team during the game esp. when no admins around. So when I see in a team guys which are stacking all the time and they became weaker (uneven teams) I wouldn't even it in most cases and I leave it to admins. I usually take allies as a first choice. Cos I can attack on most of maps. That's how I enjoy game. There are guys which are almost every time going to axis (Schroedingers cat, Kitty and others) so it is not that I join "stronger" teams, just team which I prefer. I don't care if it is stronger or weaker. Well, whatever, just to summarise this - I don't see any reason for this drama as Vitosa did what he does all the time. He cares about teams and puts us ALWAYS first (evening teams by switching even 5 times during one round), then himself.
  2. Hi there, I am curious about this panza fix. Playing on NQ1 and didn't have an issue with bots overtaking panza for a while BUT .... I spoke about this with other admins and they have no clue - it is weird but player "Bob" can somehow overtake panza from you when joining teams. Some other players mentioned this as well. Like today I joined game, was there for couple of minutes (not even 5 mins) and then again player Bob joined my team and my panza became "unavailable" and he had it. Any idea how is this possible? No other player can do that as far as I know. Thanks in advance.
  3. Ford (Cz)

    xp lost?

    Hi guys, any idea what happened on NQ1 as me and other guys lost all xp and starting from 0 ... Thanks
  4. Hi guys, can anybody check if you received my donation (trans.ID: 14H546081L514983C from 15.09.2016) $30? It is showing on my paypal account but having something different on bank acc. so I'm not sure at all if you received money or not.Thanks
  5. Hmmmm, I'm an idiot cos for "some reason" I thought it's on F|A #1 .... And I was wondering why it was bit empty, just a few players ......
  6. "Farthest you've been from home?: Moravska Nova Ves, Hodonin, Cz" OMG!! How did you get there??? I used to live in a village just a few miles away from there (Mutenice)!
  7. At Sun lunch time when desperately needed a hangover killer I discovered this one Bachata http://www.bachatabeer.co.uk/ Really interesting flavor. Otherwise I found a local brewery called Saltair and their elder flower beer is my favorite. They do a Raspberry one as well and no matter how strange it sounds - it is awesome. Don't expect sweetness. Really nice.
  8. Love it simple. Pizza with rocket and parma ham, no tomato. Speck I love in a risotto. Never tried it with chips but will do. Some guys are eating pizza with mayo at work so why not
  9. Not hammered or high atm. Just pretty rough hangover. Thanks for your care Now just to finish that previous bullshit. One gun was destroyed already by guy called Born 2 Kill who did enjoy playing against half of bot team and tried to blow them up. He managed 1st one, not the other 1 cos I killed myself, swapped the spawn point and defused his dyna When you talk about other Estonians, you talk about 1 guy (can't remember his nickname) who was trolling at spawn with flamer all the rounds. I have nothing against Estonians, Russians, Latvians etc. at all. I'm living abroad so I don't give a crap what country you are from. Then we went to the point when I had to respond on a few words from you addressed to me (shit etc.) + some comments about my mum from Libbo. Just let me explain to you and others to stop making yourself looking bit stupid for the future. I'm 34 now. I left my parents house about 15 yrs ago and since this I live on my own. Didn't see my parents for 5 yrs and for the same time I did not talk to them at all (don't forget to comment on this one). So keep trying ... Also this x years living on my own + living abroad gave me a few good lessons (called experience of life). My memory is crap aka I don't remember things which are not important to me but I do remember things and moments which can somebody like you to use against me by twisting words and facts. That's enough from me to you and your immature tries. Have a fun with or without me, I don't give a crap. Now back to the first question ... if there is any plan for the nearest future to put autoshuffle to NQ1 server for the reasons mentioned before .. Didn't look at the forum so maybe this question was answered before ..
  10. well you forgot to mention one thing ... when i joined map (siwa oasis about 13 mins before the end) there were about 4 or more bots on axis side and full of players on allies side. As usually no1 had any interest about even teams at all so I joined immediately axis side (axis are defending in this map also so how can I be in a winning team?). Also you are talking about 2 bots on allies side about 2 mins before end of the map with almost all previous players who didn't give a crap about teams few mins before ... So nice1 smart ass, keep trying .... Not going to post it now but probably will do later what the real issue of yours with me is .... Btw. i really like talking to ppl with different opinions, just don't like when somebody is trying to be smart ass when talking to me. Then i'm full of sarcasm and irony. Have a good night, I'm going to get hammered ..
  11. Did you ever think about autoshuffle for NQ1? This question is related to one of previous posts about maps (i spoke esp. about baserace). Maybe set the time after a few mins or so cos it really makes unplayable some maps when no1 gives a sh.it about teams except a few players which are trying to even (unfortunately there are not many of these).
  12. Well just came from baserace and I can tell you imho it will be the best to remove this map no matter how much i like this 1 cos for some fcuking reason there are bunch of i.diots all the time who don't give a sh.it that teams are uneven and getting obj in advance, building walls and rocket guns what makes this map unplayable for next good 20 mins. Well pissed off right now so excuse my french but team with 4 bots and nobody swaps?? There are few ppl who do this but .... a few. Also I would expect from players with 100k+ XP bit of sense for even teams but I'm probably still too naive despite my age. Don't blame ppl sick of swapping teams 2 and more times during the round but again .... Baserace is too long and this crap makes it unplayable. Talking too much now so I'm off for a few ....
  13. Hi there. Few weeks ago I decided to leave Win and now I'm trying to use Linux. Found a Zorin OS version which makes it bit easier but after installing ET I had no sound. After many tries I tried http://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/1071 which works for me.
  14. Kebab and some cheesy chips with garlic mayo when I'm pissed .... When I'm sober - any simple pasta dish or recently my top is a slow cooked ox cheeks which is very simple to do but lots of ppl are scared of "long time" or "slow cooking" words. In fact you need to sear meat (5 mins max?), put it in a pot, tomatoes, herbs, wine, veg in, cover it, throw in the oven and watch the Titanic, Dances with Wolves, JFK or other nearly 3 hrs movie. Job done and all "work" is about 10 mins of easy preparation.
  15. Close to where I live now is a well known place called Prashad. http://www.prashad.co.uk/ They are vegetarian restaurant winning a few awards in last 2 years since "discovered" by G. Ramsay (Bib Gourmand from Michelin just a month ago). On their FB pages, blog, twitter etc. you can find some awesome looking recipes.
  16. JD & coke it is .... Also discovered some really interesting beers etc. My fav is now Saltaire elderflower blonde or raspberries from the same brewery (sounds weird but taste is awesome, not sweet or ultra fruity). Just found and discovered magic and beauty of small local breweries ...
  17. Hi guys. My nickname is Ford [Cz] and I'm "addicted" to ET for few years. Soon 10 yrs I guess but my memory is crap so I'm just guessing ... I started on Hive servers, then I was on Z or something like this, then on MAD and now you can see me on FA. Technically I'm older then Jesus but nice to see some old farts which I can still call "daddy" I'm Czech but for last 8 or more yrs I'm living, drinking, bitching and working in UK so if you want to know what Sodom and Gomorrah looked like in a past, feel free to move here and I'll help you to find out. I'm not on a server as often as usually because of work etc. but still manage at least few times in a week. So have a fun with or without me .... and stop bitching about my panza fetish cos I'm

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