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ET Hardcore Unfair tactics


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Brah...why do admins think they ban me?  It is easy to bypass the ban and login with another account which I have a few to choose from.  Some of which I am best friends with admins!  I speak the truth that admins have ego problems and this is the only way they feel important inlife is by muted, banning, kicking, etc.  I get it brah....makes you feel powerful.  Calm down there little cupcake....you're still a nobdy.

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Well for starters... breaking the rules excessively will result in a ban. You are a guest here and must abide by OUR rules in order to maintain a good environment for all to play in. I have never had any issues myself on any of our servers and the rules are so simple and easy to abide. Also, judging by your comments it seems to speak for itself. 


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yo brah if you think your smart coming here all cocky and thinking your gonna get your way ?

my big ego says not likely brah keep evading your bans and changing guids or what not we can just hardwere ban you and 

solve the problem of you ever playing on our servers again do you feel me brah  oh and btw 1987 called and they want there word brah back

have a great day

you mad GIF 

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