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I lost all my exp :(

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Good evening to the entire community. I have been very active in sv for almost 1 year, months ago I stopped playing for studies, now that I enter the server I am surprised that I have 0 exp :(. I am PeruET and the last time I played I had about 340k I don't know if there will be a way to recover my lost exp. I even saved the etkey as they mentioned before but nothing, everything was reset. I would appreciate if you help me.


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Even if players "stop for studies" or some other RL reason, then they should visit their favorite servers every two weeks or so, so that their XP is not lost on those FA ET servers.


You don't have to play, you just have to connect for a few minutes and then you can leave.


But of course, if you do connect, it is "So Tempting to Play" and defeat your self-discipline.  :( 





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I understand, so I can't do anything about it right? :(. That is why I did not enter sv for minutes because I was going to get addicted again xd. So I waited until vacation to return.

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Just make it a mission and start over mate, i reset my XP now and again just for the sake of it...Either that or play panzer, you'll get it back in a few days, get 200+ XP for 1 kill apparently....Mwhahahaaa 



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