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Pitch Black (BETA) lp11.pk3

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About This File

The Allies must break into an Axis Trainyard to steal an experimental A-Bomb which has yet to

be assembled. Assemble the bomb and escape by way of the Depot Yard.


Allied Objectives:

Objective 1 Steal the Bomb Parts and escort them by foot or boat to the Loading Bay.

Objective 2 Assemble the Bomb Parts to prepare them to be escorted via the Handcar.

Objective 3 Escort the Bomb to the Depot Yard.

Objective 4 Escape with the Bomb by way of the Depot Yard.

Objective 5 Prevent the Axis from fortifying their position with a Command Post.

Objective 6 Establish a Command Post.


Axis Objectives:

Objective 1 Keep the Allies from stealing the Bomb Parts.

Objective 2 Prevent the Allies from assembling the Bomb Parts.

Objective 3 Stop the Allies from using the Handcar to escort the Bomb.

Objective 4 Keep the Allies from escaping with the Bomb.

Objective 5 Establish a Command Post.

Objective 6 Prevent the Allies from building the Command Post.


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