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Vengeance TE (Final) - vengeance_te_final.pk3

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About This File

Download pk3 name: vengeance_te_final.pk3

Map name: vengeance_te_final.bsp

Gameplay Notes:


Axis Objectives


Phase I

- Gain access to base by breaching the Main Gate

- Gain access to Bunker #2 in the Ammo Depot


Phase II

- Transport control codes to Radar Station


Phase III

- Destroy V2 Rocket in the North Ramp hanger



- Capture Ammo Depot spawn (flag goes perm-Axis when bunker door is blown)

- Construct CP Spawn

General Notes


- Map is designed for 12-28 players

- Axis are on offense

- In order to destroy rocket, control codes must be taken from the Ammo Bunker to the radar station. This will deactivate the fail safes, which enables the rocket to be dynamited and open the hanger doors


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