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sottevast_b3 - sottevast_b3.pk3

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Download pk3 name: sottevast_b3.pk3

Map name: sottevast_b3



An Axis V2 missile project has been advancing in a silo facility called Sottevast. Allied spies have discovered an attack is about to be launched from this secret silo, and a small team of elite soldiers were mobilized to prevent the launch.



- Capture the Targeting System

- Enter the silo facility by dynamiting the main entrance or by using a disguise

- Take control of the Axis forward spawn

- Construct the command post to activate a forward spawn

- Open the side door to gain additional access



- Defend the Targeting System

- Defend the silo facility's main entrance and prevent a covert entry

- Hold the forward spawn

- Stop the Allies from constructing a command post, or destroy it if it has been made

- Keep the side door closed to hinder the Allied progress