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Normandy Beach Invasion (Final) - normandy_final.pk3

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Download pk3 name: normandy_final.pk3

Map name: normandy_final.bsp




Description : In 1944 Allied troops have arrived at Normandy Beach.

Their mission, to defeat all Axis forces on the beach and infiltrate the German base.

The Allies must capture and transmit the Axis top secret documents in the inner bunker.


Axis Objectives:


* Primary Objective: Defend the Top Secret Documents.

* Secondary Objective: Defend the sea wall.

* Secondary Objective: Defend the bunker door.




Allied Objectives:


* Primary Objective: Construct the Constructible Transmitter and transmit the Top Secret Documents.

* Secondary Objective: Destroy the sea wall.

* Secondary Objective: Destroy the bunker door.




* Bug Fixes *

* Fixed from BETA 1 *


* -Added constructable transmitter on the beach.

* -Fixed many lighting issues.

* -Fixed many model issues.

* -Added a ladder to the back side of the forward bunker to give Axis easy access to the beach.

* -Fixed a bug that made health cabinets only give one health.

* -Fixed many overlapping brushes.

* -Added more detail to many rooms.

* -Fixed a texture problem in some rooms.


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