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Ragnars Battery Script - NoQuarter and ETPro version

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About This File

Ragnars Battery Script - NoQuarter and ETPro version
Game rules:
axis_respawntime 30
allied_respawntime 20
number_of_objectives 6
set_round_timelimit 20
1: Destroy Battery Gun / Defend Battery Gun
2: Construct Beach Assault Ramp / Prevent Beach Assault Ramp
3: Capture West Bunker / Defend West Bunker
4: Destroy Door Controls / Protect Door Controls
5: Allied command post
6: Axis command post

announce: "The server is running Ragnars Battery Script (noquarter version).

* After Allies built the Beach Assault Ramp for the 5th time it can only be destroyed
by dynamite."
* Assault Ramp near the North-West MG Nest available (see the command map for location).
Allies can build the Bunker Assault Ramp by using the materials inside the bunker.
* Axis can rebuild the Backdoor."
Allies need dynamite to destroy the Backdoor for the first time."
For all subsequent attacks also satchels can be used."
* Axis can spawn near the backdoor as long as the Axis command post is built.
* Axis MG nests and the command post are built on map start.
* The Generator does not open or close the backdoor, only doors near the Gun and at the
bunker front close and open as usual."
* The MG42 nests in the East Bunker (near the Command Post) are removed.
* Frontline mod."
* Script includes all ETPro map script fixes.
* Script includes mortis' map fixes.
Check: http://forum.splatterladder.com/index.php?showtopic=6662
for feedback, updatesand bug reports.


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