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The Allies have control of Caen and have set up a Battalion Headquarters across the river. The Axis are trying to regain control of the town and get to a broken down tank, break into battallion HQ, and steal combat intelligence.



- Take control of the town.

- Repair the tank.

- Escort the tank across the river.

- Break into the Allied Battalion Headquarters.

- Steal the maps.

- Escape with the maps.

- Prevent the Allies from establishing a Command Post.

- Set up a Command Post inside the town hall.



- Defend the town.

- Prevent the Axis from repairing the tank.

- Stop the tank from crossing the river.

- Don't let them break into Battalion HQ.

- Protect the maps.

- Do not let the Axis get away with our maps.

- Establish a Command Post inside the town hall.

- Prevent the Axis from fortifying their position with a Command Post