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Kerkyra B1 + waypoints Beta 1

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(the readme file)


// Mapname : Kerkyra B1
// BSPname : kerkyra
// Released: December 2016
// Version : Beta 1 //Version 8
// Map made by: -SSF-Sage and Pegazus from SM-Mapping


Please contact us for any feedback, suggestions, constructive critisism, bug report etc.






In the year 1941 a group Italian archaeologists found a buried stash of ancient writings. One of the documents mentioned a lost mythology. It stated if an army chief used three charmed artifacts, his fighters would become invincible.


These artifacts were the unstoppable Achilles' Sword, the impenetrable King's Crown and the Emperor's Chalice that gives drinkers bulls' strength.


Another legend tells about an Empress bragging about similar items. The archaeologists believe the items are same and their secret unknown. A group of Axis soldiers is sent to inspect the Empress' old Palace at The island of Corfu.






1] Escort the SdKfz 234
2] Breach the Palace Gates
3] Steal the Emperor's Chalice
4] Steal the Achilles' Sword
5] Steal the King's Crown
6] Escape with the SdKfz 234
7] *Side Objective: Destroy the Tunnel Door
8] *Side Objective: Establish a Command Post to gain Spawn


1] Stop them from escorting the Vehicle
2] Defend the Palace Gates from being breached
3] Stop them from stealing the Emperor's Chalice
4] Stop them from stealing the Achilles' Sword
5] Stop them from stealing the the King's Crown
6] Stop them from escaping with the Vehicle
7] *Side Objective: Keep the Tunnel Door intact
8] *Side Objective: Prevent Axis from establishing a Command Post Spawn