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Mountainpass Beta 3

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(the readme file)


TITLE : Mountain Pass
AUTHOR : Devils Right Hand
DATE : 03.11.2015


Release date : 07/11/2016
its about the allies start searching for art treasure what the germans steal from the occupied countries,the germans hide all the arts in mines, when the germans losing the war, the germans have order to destroy the treasure least it falls into allied hands,
twt xmas competition mapping 2015 winner






Since the beginning of the war the Germans have been plundering the occupied countries of their valuable wealth this includes art and gold. Now that they are losing the war, the Germans have decided to destroy the treasure least it falls into allied hands.


Version : beta3
Attacking : allies Objective
Timelimit : 20
Spawntimes : Axis 20 / Allies 10




= Changelog =


beta 2 - remove the radio obj
beta 3 - change the Timelimit to 20 spawntime for both team at map start and after flag capture, alies now have 10 sec and axis 20 at map start , and at flag alies now have 20 sec and axis 10


Allied objectives


1 "Objective:
Capture the flag."
2 "Objective:
Steal intels about the locations of all mines where the axis hide the treasure bring it to the truck."
3 "Objective:
Destroy the wood fence and steal a truck."


Axis objectives


1 "Objective:
Prevent that the allies capture the flag."
2 "Objective
Prevent to the steal the Mines documents."
3 "Objective
Prevent to destroy the wood fence and steal a truck."