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Holy Grail 1.0 - Holy_Grail.pk3

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About This File

An Axis archeology team has according to Allied intelligence found the Grail in a hidden temple in Venezuela, as the Axis wait on proper transport for the Grail, the Allied has send a squad to steal the Grail!


// Axis Objective Descriptions

wm_objective_axis_desc 1 "Primary: Stop the Allies from breaching the Walls with dynamite."

wm_objective_axis_desc 2 "Primary: Stop the Allies from stealing the treasure gold box."

wm_objective_axis_desc 3 "Primary: Stop the Allies from securing the treasure in the truck."

wm_objective_axis_desc 4 "Primary: Build a command post, and do not allow the allies to do the same."


// Allied Objective Descriptions

wm_objective_allied_desc 1 "Primary: Breach the Walls with dynamite."

wm_objective_allied_desc 2 "Primary: Steal the treasure gold box witch containes the Holy Grail."

wm_objective_allied_desc 3 "Primary: Secure the treasure in the truck."

wm_objective_allied_desc 4 "Primary: Build a command post, and do not allow the axis to do the same."