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Wedding pains part 3 of x

milli vanilli



Things are progressing with the planning. We meet with a friend of a friend tomorrow to price a cake and hope its not too expensive.


More things women need to know and understand about us males.


8)I have a sense of humor. Of course its a little dirty and over the line, but thats what makes it funny. You're allowed to at least PRETEND to laugh at a wisecrack once in a while. Otherwise you prove this quote by Groucho Marx correct. "Women should be obscene and not heard."


9)Buy some air fresheners and leave them in the bathroom. Trust me, I'll go through them twice as fast as the box says.


10)Porn is my lifeline. Unless we're having sex 4 or more times a week, I'll be making love to myself at least once a week doesn't mean I don't love you, it means I respect you enough to give your cooter a break once in a while while I make love to myself.

10b)Don't judge my bedroom performance by the time it takes me to make love to myself. I know what I need to do to maximize my video game playing time.


11)Yes, my friends are ass-holes. Like your friends are perfect. I won't give you shit about yours if you don't talk about mine. You can tell your friends how much you hate mine. I'll just tell mine how I'm not allowed to stick in in your ass.






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which part?


Pretty much all. :) Mostly all are facts :) I just subscribed to your blogs RSS :P

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LOVE IT!!!!!!!!


Wonder how many women think you are lying about ALL of that stuff?????

LOL when i read that i started thinking of the women in this clan <.<


no offense tho

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