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Wedding pains part 2 of X

milli vanilli



Women, why is it so hard to understand us men? We're easy to understand. Give us a piece from time to time, don't bankrupt us and you can really do no wrong by us.


What comes out of our mouths isn't a puzzle. If we say you look good in that dress, you f***ing look good in that dress. We didn't say you look good in that dress, but your sister looks better in it. Or we didn't say you look good in that dress, but you need to loose 45 pounds. We said you look good inthegoddamndressandthatswhatwement. Damnit. And just because I like to play video games doesn't mean I'm a child. I don't call you an old lady for watching soap operas. Or a shallow whore for watching gossip shows.



More things women need to realize


4)We share a bed, that means half is mine, half is yours. I love you, or at least we slept together. I don't need to wake up with your knee in my back because you want to cuddle. You cuddle when you're awake or trying to fall asleep. Or even better, you cuddle when having a nice talk that leads to sex. And the 'you stole all the covers' argument is bullshit. We share a king bed, an entire Asian family could sleep on it and not take up the whole thing.


5)I drink 'manly' alcohol, get used to it. You don't like the smell of my whiskey? You think I like the smell of your wine? Or the smell of your wine when it gives you gas? The dog's farts aren't as bad as wine farts...And I enjoy a GOOD beer, not American pilsner. Bud, Miller, Coors are all pilsner. Give me a good lager or Belgian(mmmmmmm Stella....) Even a micro-brew pilsner has more flavor than large American beer companies.


6)Yes, I actually *do* enjoy watching sports. And I don't feel the need to watch your favorite team. Especially games such as hockey, which can be a beautiful game to watch. I get you like the Penguins, and I can appreciate the skill they have, but if there's another game on at the same time, its nice to see OTHER teams play.


7)You're beautiful, or I wouldn't be sleeping with you. Doesn't mean I'm not going to admire a good set of tits or a great ass. I'll at least be polite enough to wear sunglasses so that you can't see my eyes follow them.....


Day 3 of trying to dig through my music collection.






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lol yeah asians do share a bed a lot...lmao, cuz we're too miserly to go and buy a couple other matresses. congratz. by the way.

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sorry mil....I have a good wife..... she points out the nice T&A to me when she sees it. I think shes trying to get rid of me "go chase that and leave me alone" is what I think is goin through her head sometimes....

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