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Wedding pains part 4 of X

milli vanilli




The guy I know at the venue we REALLY like looks like he either quit or got fired. I really hope not, cause he was giving me a good deal on pricing. Really going to suck if he's gone. Especially if the new lady doesn't honor what he told me, INCLUDING THE DATE! Not stress I need right now, and I REALLY don't want to deal with a pissed off fiance. We went last night and picked out the cake she, oops, WE want. Only going to cost us $450...........


More things the lesser sex needs to know.


12)We're men. According to the bible that makes us damn near supermen. Meaning we'll do anything to prove someone wrong. Who do you think invented skydiving? Or bungee jumping? Or the fleshlite? The more stupid, the more likely we'll try it, especially if we might end up hurt. Examples you say? Okee dokee. In college, we used to play dodgeball. With golf balls. In a hallway. Wearing only shorts. More? I've done donuts in a 26' box truck. On the interstate.


13)Yes, you have PMS, that doesn't mean we'll give you a break for a week when you're a b***. I don't care that you're bleeding and bloated, you don't care when I work 12 hours, come home and cook, and just want to goto bed and not 'share our feelings.' I get that it sucks, but you don't, so I don't have much sympathy when you treat my like shit for a week.


14)I don't need to sit camped out in front of the TV. And neither do you. I have no 'need' to watch a show. Sure, I'd LIKE to watch a show, but i don't NEED to DVR them all. American Idol, House, Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy, every NASCAR race, 2 soap's, Dancing with the Stars. No wonder you say I don't spend time with you, cause I can't STAND those shows. And just because I don't watch your shows, doesn't mean I don't spend time with you, it means I spend time AWAY from the couch. Of course, maybe if I spent more time on the couch, I'd get more action...








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When your buddy says " Think you can get this camaro airborne through that intersection?" you are required to hammer the throttle and laugh " Lets see ". That one cost me 2 aluminum rims, 2 tires, new front shocks, new hedders, new oil pan, and a new transmission. BUT....... I launched my camaro 35 feet and made my buddy need a new pair of pants !!!!!! would I do it again? Already have--------- IN MY OLD WORK TRUCK!!!!


I think we all have a death wish.

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Honestly... I think I'm the only female in the world who understand men.... ahahahhaahhhaha

**sometimes I have to make sure I have a crack and not a hangly dangly between my legs**


I guess that's why my husband loves me so much!!! LOL

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