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why i dont play so much now the reason i will share it




sorry I play few

but after my car accident on 14.12.2014. car totally lost.

my airbag has opened on my hand

and my hand get a operation .

but I have a lot of pain in my arm and my hand .

but I am present


I hope you can understand it I feel really

bad at. because i love to frag and have some fun my right arm is the best arm i can use



my car accident story



I drove right by a right job.

an oncoming car that wanted to turn left

I still push my tromper but too late the Airbage open

gone on my right hand where the thumb seam of me has gone on have been very lucky to tell my tendons were lucky

not but as a result I now have a lot of pain when I want ot

do at work and yes itself a game.


grts be acrivity :( :( as you won see some photos go to my facebook >>> https://www.facebook.com/puystiens/media_set?set=a.464845676914057.106038.100001658859875&type=1&pnref=story

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