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to know me better



I am boy

with consentratie lack to keep it short

oxygen have been too short to me during birth.


I'm not highly educated.

but that does not stop me to the bar for myself again and again

explaining something higher. I love game programs and make time for my family.

I lost my father when I was six months old can not

understand and down with guilt :unsure:

but I try to accept now that is not so and pull me up.


and the sweetest of all is to help where I can be there for the people

us that made me strong. :D :D


grts be activity so thats me so far and con make fun on the servers I promise that :P

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You are a nice guy, continue like that and never change.

I wish you the best ;)

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Hey Be Activity,


this is very brave of you to write! And very personal too ;). Keep your head up. We will frag the hell out of the FA servers and have loads of fun ;).

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