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Well done?




Well done is about a book I read called Whale Done basically it's like this. If all you do is look for the bad in people and things, you will find many. You should not be focused in finding the bad things in people but rather, always look to find the good in people and things. Change this thinking and you will find there is more good in people than bad your just not looking for the right thing.

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Theres a saying "Never judge a person by the cover of the book, but judge them by the actions they make" We as human beings are here to learn, to learn from one another and its up to us to know whats right and wrong, whos good or bad and we will never get it right because we make the same mistakes over and over again, so we are still in the process of learning, knowing one another and no one is perfect in this world.

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I like to think im a positive person. Ive had a alot of negative things happen in my life, and I guess I can be a bit bitter about them. One thing i can say is this forum and the people on it have changes alot of views I had of the internet :) I love FA and the fact that is doesnt matter who I am, what sex I am or what I look like I am accepted. So thankyou all :)

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If you look the bad in people and things ,

they will look the bad in you.


If you look the good in people and things ,

they will look good in you.


then you will have good life :)

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Woold be nice if this worked and we shoold apply it on our religions . But sadly if you grow older ppl dissapoint you in many ways so your vieuw on life get a bit darker . Best thing in the world is keep singing your favorite song and take care of your own family and friends and let other ppl worry about their s :). Funny thing is if you look long enough we are all related to each other.

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