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Special Wed. Blog about Wikileaks




Ok, as some may or may not know, Wikileaks is release all government secrets of many countries, and it seems the United States is violating there own First Amendment but trying to block Wikileaks inside the United States. If Countries start blocking sites from being viewed and asking there Tech geeks to hack the site and shut it down then what difference are we from China? BTW if you would like to few wikileaks and all of there releases, for here: www.last.to


Im all up for secrets but the population of there countries have a right to know everything about whats happening in their government. Its the first amendment, "Freedom of Speech" Wikileaks shouldn't be blocked, hacked or anything. I doubt it will ever be completed shut down because there are over 200 mirrors over on the net in every country and there are files for all previous leaks they've down and people download them, 1 million downloads already.



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It's matter of hypocrisy. Many US politicians mostly believe, what they do is right and if others do that, then it's wrong.

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US, China, Russia, Germany, etc all watch each other and copy the things that work.


China has shown that the internet can be suppressed if you try hard enough.


The US government gets very upset and embarrassed when 100,000 secret communications get posted on the internet for all the world to read.


It's funny at a distance, but I don't want our enemies knowing what we are thinking. So I can see why they are trying to figure out a way to suppress it without looking like China with their Great Firewall.


We have the First Amendment, you can say anything you want, but that doesn't give you the right to copy someone else's stuff and publish it.


How would you feel if someone published all your personal emails on the internet? You wouldn't like it one little bit.


I guess I can see it both ways.

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The torrents are still strong for wikileaks lol. It is going to be hard for anyone to stop it once it hits the internet


Also the only difference between the US and China is. US will try to make a living hell for the guy who is posting this and do whatever it takes to prevent the documents


China on the other hand would do the same thing except much faster. They will just shoot the guy and harvest his organs lol.

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lmao my country got messed up by wikileaks....


XD it feels so great to know the dark spot of your country...


long live to wikileaks!!!!

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