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Random thoughts of Jaaa!&'s mind.

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Deal 1 - Expires 12/20/2010





Deal 2 - Expires 12/22/2010





Deal 3 - Expires in roughly 49 hours





Deal 4 - Expires 12/22/2010 ( Gaming Gear)








Scientific Theory #1

This theory is about how the human body, specifically of a child has changed from the 1950's till now. I believe that the global warming that is going on has changed the body chemistry of human beings. One example is that kids blood seems to be alot thicker and don't seem to feel cold at all. This theory is really based on the boy side of the human body because women are weak and are always cold.


Ex 1: I was at a restaurant the other day and i saw this 10 year old boy in shorts and a short sleeve shirt not cold at all. It was like 20 degrees outside and his parents rick next to them was wearing a thick jacket and a very thick layer of pants and still freezing there ass off. I think that there is a huge difference because the younger generations are being born with very thick blood and doesn't seem to be effected by the cold.


Ex 2: Right now im 19 years old, I wouldn't consider myself to be born during the younger generation, I consider the younger generation to be born from 1998 onward, but none of the less its still relevant to whats going on now. When i was in middle school I would wear shorts year around and not being effected by the cold, same thing was to be said for me in high school.


When I was in Illionois it would get 110 degrees in the summer and -30 in the winter, you might see me in pants if i know I would be shoveling for hours on end but other wise I would be in shorts.


In conclusion, the younger generation isn't effected by the cold because of the fact there blood is thicker, which can be contributed by global warming.


Transformer Trailer: http://trailers.appl...sdarkofthemoon/


Pirates 4 Trailer: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=TivomUq-_iQ



Ok so, imma gonna say that this trailer does give us a good story line ti work with, but really doesn't show alot of detail of what the actual movie is going to be like. There's no sign of Sam or the autobots, theres enough information for people to be at the edge of there seats, but right now, from what I've seen so far, I give this movie a 5 out 10 stars.


Pirates 4:

This trailer is alot better than the transformer trailer, gives action, give a plat and subplot, but its lacks the detail on the part of Barbossa in this movie and leaves the movie up for everyone's own interpretation. I give this trailer a 8.5 outta 10.


Ok, as some may or may not know, Wikileaks is release all government secrets of many countries, and it seems the United States is violating there own First Amendment but trying to block Wikileaks inside the United States. If Countries start blocking sites from being viewed and asking there Tech geeks to hack the site and shut it down then what difference are we from China? BTW if you would like to few wikileaks and all of there releases, for here: www.last.to


Im all up for secrets but the population of there countries have a right to know everything about whats happening in their government. Its the first amendment, "Freedom of Speech" Wikileaks shouldn't be blocked, hacked or anything. I doubt it will ever be completed shut down because there are over 200 mirrors over on the net in every country and there are files for all previous leaks they've down and people download them, 1 million downloads already.


My thoughts on this news article: http://yhoo.it/dFou7Y


Ok, so heres a quick recap of the story above if one doesn't feel like reading it. The United States called back 1 billion American $100 Bills in some random place in Fort Worth Texas. Reason?, Because the United States messed up the printing of the bill, rather the printer did. See the American $100 Dollar is the easiest bill to counterfeit since there has not been a new one released since 1996 and is prone to modern security breaches. Well the new bill interrogated and different detection strip and a 3D item between the bill so its almost impossible to counterfeit. However, the printer cannot handle the demand and as messed up all the new $100 dollar bills that have been printed, which en-counts for 1/10 of the American Dollar Bills in circulation today.


Some people may this this as a bad thing, but I myself do not. See since the basic lesson is that, more of an Currency that is in circulation the less it is worth, so in fact the holding of 1/10 of the American Currency might be a good thing since the simple fact of the matter is, less amount of bills in circulation. On a side note, why did it take the government so long to notice this problem???? I think the goverment is in the mindset of, "Hey we haven't had a problem with it, why change it, right?" Well see, If a simple Human took just one second to see how a stack of money was printed and make sure everything was alright, that we wouldn't be having this discussion right now. People rely to much on technology to do their work for them and not to use their hands, feet, and that weird thing that is in there head, what is it called, oh ya a brain. Run it thought that machine, run it thought that press over there, damn people get off your lazy ass and do some work. By the way, Have fun playing ET, COD4, CODBO, BF2


Weekly blogs

So, ive decided to come up with 3 blogs a week, this one that im doing now is a special occasions since i don;t generally do blogs on Mondays simply cause mondays suck.


On Tuesday: Random Thoughts of Jaaa!&, 930pm est.

On Thursday: Science theroies in the mind of Jaaa!&, 730am est.

On Saturday: 5 best deals of electronics online, 800am est.

On Sunday: Funny things/rules/thoughts in the mind of Jaaa!&, 100pm est


#1 - The speed limit is never what it is posted. This is how you figure out a speed limit:

  • If the speed limit ends in a 5 and is below 55, you flip the entire number. For Example: 25 becomes 52.
  • If a speed limit is above 55 then one must double the speed limit. For Example: 65 becomes 130.

#2 - Pedestrians and road signs are worth points. Here are the point breakdown:

  • If you hit a child its worth 10 points
  • If you hit a adult its worth 15 points
  • If you hit a child and adult its work 20 points
  • If you hit two children its 22 points
  • If you hit two adults its 25 points
  • If you hit a baby its 50 points
  • If you hit more than three people within two seconds its 75 points
  • If you hit a RED fire hydrant its worth 100 points
  • If you hit a YELLOW fire hydrant its worth 110 points
  • If you hit a ORANGE fire hydrant its worth 115 points
  • If you hit a BLUE fire hydrant its worth 125 points
  • If you hit any street sign its worth 150 points
  • If you hit a light pole its worth 155 points
  • If you hit some type of Police car which includes fire or ambulance its worth 200 points
  • If you hit another car its -100 points (A Normal Car)
  • If you hit a tree its -150 points
  • If you hit a school its -200 points
  • If you hit a government building its X4 your entire score
  • If you destroy a military insulation its X6 your entire score.

#3 - Driving on the White or Yellow line is permitted and encouraged


#4 - If you hit Frodo or Luke Skywalker while you are driving, great for you, but how did you hit them, there not real?


#5 - When you see a yellow light, don't slow down, speed the hell up, who cares if you don't make it, FLOOR IT.


#6 - Hit the damn bunny that always cross the damn road


#7 - When it comes down to it, and your in a hurry, run it like twisted metal


#8 - BUMPER CARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


#9 - Using a cell phone while your driving it a must


#10 - When its Christmas Eve out, going hunting for Santa Claus and if you see mommy kissing Santa Claus, MOW THEM DOWN


Why buy Cable?

So, does one really need to buy cable? One gets a good sized television, either a Play Station 3 or Xbox 360, and a internet connection and one is good. One can run everything off of there 360 or PS3 if they have internet, take the following factors into hands:

  • One can look at Netflix movies thought either of there systems above and even the Wii. One has all movies about a year or so older at a click of a controller for what, about $8.00 a month compared to $50 to $120 for cable?
  • Hulu has Advertisements, get over it. Suck it up and go watch the newer episodes of one's favorite television shows one can't find on netflix. Hulu is trying to survive the down economy with the battle of On-Demand on cable and Netflix, will offer their services on 360 and PS3 if they don't already(not to sure about if they do or not).
  • Of course there are other ways to get the latest television shows that i will not mention, but if one does do it at your own risk. If one does, simply make sure there are correct formats, stick it on your flash drive and plug it in and there it is.

  • This will be another entry, but one can make the argument that buying a computer is not really neccesary, if one isn't looking to play games online.

On the other side of the spectrum, one doesn't really need to buy a PS3 or Xbox360, you can buy a computer and a good sized computer monitor and just bluetooth the screen and bam, one is able to watch tv on the big screen without cable or PS3, Xbox360





Anyone want to argue this point further, feel free to send me a personal message.

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