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Scientific Theory #1




This theory is about how the human body, specifically of a child has changed from the 1950's till now. I believe that the global warming that is going on has changed the body chemistry of human beings. One example is that kids blood seems to be alot thicker and don't seem to feel cold at all. This theory is really based on the boy side of the human body because women are weak and are always cold.


Ex 1: I was at a restaurant the other day and i saw this 10 year old boy in shorts and a short sleeve shirt not cold at all. It was like 20 degrees outside and his parents rick next to them was wearing a thick jacket and a very thick layer of pants and still freezing there ass off. I think that there is a huge difference because the younger generations are being born with very thick blood and doesn't seem to be effected by the cold.


Ex 2: Right now im 19 years old, I wouldn't consider myself to be born during the younger generation, I consider the younger generation to be born from 1998 onward, but none of the less its still relevant to whats going on now. When i was in middle school I would wear shorts year around and not being effected by the cold, same thing was to be said for me in high school.


When I was in Illionois it would get 110 degrees in the summer and -30 in the winter, you might see me in pants if i know I would be shoveling for hours on end but other wise I would be in shorts.


In conclusion, the younger generation isn't effected by the cold because of the fact there blood is thicker, which can be contributed by global warming.



Recommended Comments

Young kids produce more body heat than older people due to a faster metabolism. Infants can tolerate severe cold better than any other age.


It often depends on his ancestry. Some races are much less affected by temperature extremes. People from tropical areas often cannot stand cold weather, just like Eskimos hate warm weather, in general.


I can tolerate extreme temperatures, because I am part Native American, and my ancestors have been in the central US for tens of thousands of years. It's 100F every summer, and 20F every winter, and I go outside year round. Whenever the seasons change, it takes me a week to expose myself to the new temperature range and then I am comfortable with it.


Desert natives have this trait too, because it gets very cold at night and very hot in the day.

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