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  1. TheDuck


    I'm a confused duck.
  2. I don't give a damn about graphics. If the gameplay is sound, then I will definately give this a try. They probably had to scale back the graphics considering the massive amount of units that will be onscreen. I have a couple questions though for you guys who have played already...are each of the nations 'instanced' whereby you cant actually 'explore' the world and 'conquer' other nations? When I attack someone, do their buildings come back as if I attacked an 'instance' of their city, win the spoils of war, but yet the city is still 'there'? Does it take a god awful long time to 'send' units to other 'cities' before they attack? I find some of the games for rts lacking in such a way as because they are trying to keep a playing ground for the newer players. More info on this would be appreciated, seeing as how I have all the AoE games, and enjoyed them very much. I have moved to a more type of either spaceshooter mmo or spacerts types since then, seeing as how they ... if made correctly (which their usually not, hence why I'm making my own) should offer a variety of play styles.
  3. Hello

    1. Papito


      Where the hell have you been?

    2. KARINE


      WB!!! was sooo fun playing with you yesterday!!! lets do it again =D Im in the knifing mod

  4. lol you got so many alias's i have to keep post it notes on my monitor to keep track of ya XD

  5. why are you waiting for raider??? He wasn't banned. You were getting complaints from players who are considerted 'pro', which tipped us off. Goodluck with your unban, will be waiting for admins to review demo. Thank you for your patience.
  6. Come to hardcore. Usually when I log on half the server ends up knifing each other.
  7. Ok so its 'noobtube, since noob can also infer a persons obsessiveness to a particular weapon. So I use a 'noobknife' since its all I use XD
  8. HAHAHA well that just proves that this clan isn't run by nubs
  9. I would love to see the youtube video of this monstrosity getting tboned.
  10. Well thats the point. There are a couple of us on HC who try to see who the top knifer is. Its rather annoying to say '39 knife kills XD', since it seems like too much boasting. Thats like a pro rnader saying '23 kills with 10 shots' or a pro medic '116 hs's'. While were at it, could we add in a 'most revives' for medic? IED expert for engineers landmines? Arty spammer for FO?
  11. They didn't know it would come out looking like that. I am rather surprised myself, telescopes on earth show it to be a 'different' color. I would rather them have recorded the electromagnetic sounds emanating from the planet. Those are freaky lol
  12. So mercury looks like our moon.
  13. TheDuck

    POST #500

    I agree. Could this be moved to the 'worst post ever' section? Damn does he get the monthly award for this??? Lets start a vote. +1 worst spam ever
  14. just woke up, brain not working yet



      goose has bigger brain the ducks lmao..

    2. KARINE
    3. TheDuck


      lol yes you do


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