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Driving Rules According to Jaaa!&

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#1 - The speed limit is never what it is posted. This is how you figure out a speed limit:

  • If the speed limit ends in a 5 and is below 55, you flip the entire number. For Example: 25 becomes 52.
  • If a speed limit is above 55 then one must double the speed limit. For Example: 65 becomes 130.

#2 - Pedestrians and road signs are worth points. Here are the point breakdown:

  • If you hit a child its worth 10 points
  • If you hit a adult its worth 15 points
  • If you hit a child and adult its work 20 points
  • If you hit two children its 22 points
  • If you hit two adults its 25 points
  • If you hit a baby its 50 points
  • If you hit more than three people within two seconds its 75 points
  • If you hit a RED fire hydrant its worth 100 points
  • If you hit a YELLOW fire hydrant its worth 110 points
  • If you hit a ORANGE fire hydrant its worth 115 points
  • If you hit a BLUE fire hydrant its worth 125 points
  • If you hit any street sign its worth 150 points
  • If you hit a light pole its worth 155 points
  • If you hit some type of Police car which includes fire or ambulance its worth 200 points
  • If you hit another car its -100 points (A Normal Car)
  • If you hit a tree its -150 points
  • If you hit a school its -200 points
  • If you hit a government building its X4 your entire score
  • If you destroy a military insulation its X6 your entire score.

#3 - Driving on the White or Yellow line is permitted and encouraged


#4 - If you hit Frodo or Luke Skywalker while you are driving, great for you, but how did you hit them, there not real?


#5 - When you see a yellow light, don't slow down, speed the hell up, who cares if you don't make it, FLOOR IT.


#6 - Hit the damn bunny that always cross the damn road


#7 - When it comes down to it, and your in a hurry, run it like twisted metal


#8 - BUMPER CARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


#9 - Using a cell phone while your driving it a must


#10 - When its Christmas Eve out, going hunting for Santa Claus and if you see mommy kissing Santa Claus, MOW THEM DOWN

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The most important rule is whatever has greater mass, it has the right of passage.

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