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My Top 10 Computer Cases of All Time




Onion's Top 10 Computer Cases of All Time

Lol okay these are my favorite computer cases that I have ever seen (and yes i seen them in person =P). How I judge a computer case is by its price, performance, looks (more important than you think =P) and practicality.


Also if you are wondering why some of the cases do not include and interior picture. Its because of this damn blog image limit !!!



10. Zalman GS1000 Plus ~ $219.99



Let me say one thing. If you see this case in person, you will agree that it looks monster. Like its trying to be some sort of case from outerspace. But while it may look great, the only complaint is that the quality is shoddy for the price.


Yes it has great features like easy hotswap, huge interior and a seperating floor for the PSU. But in the end knowing that half of the material is plastic, makes you feel like they sacrificed some of the build quality for a futuristic look (it feels more "China" than your average case lawl). Nevertheless I like it for its features and its looks but if they want to justify such an expensive price, they should be hitting it for aluminum. Its more like its worth $ 119.99


9. Antec 300 ~ $39.99 - $54.99




Simple in design, sturdy and cheap. This was actually the best selling aftermarket computer case for almost 2 years. And there is a reason. The price is cheap, its wide enough to fit any heatsink, bottom mounted PSU and able to fit an HD 5870 (just barely). It is also one of the most used in computer shops for their premade store-brand PC (mainly because they are cheap bastards).


The only complaint for this case is that it has no cable management holes therefore making the inside of your PC clean would be quite a challenge. Also the noise seems to be common complaint.


8. Azza Helios 910 ~ $49.99 - $88.99



Most people say Azza is some cheapo computer case company. And I might have agreed in the past, but now it seems like you can actually get a nice bang for your buck with the Azza Helios 910.


The Azza Helios 910 comes with a nice huge 230 mm side fan, bottom mount PSU, cable management holes and partially japanese steel (excludes the front plate). In actually the same features as most higher end cases but can be as cheap as $45. It also comes with predrilled watercooling tube access (which is surprising for the price)


The downside is that when using monster width cpu heatsinks you will probably have to remove the huge 230 mm side fan (which is a biatch). Also noise seems to be a major factor as the fans that come with this particular case tends to get loud


7. NZXT Tempest Evo ~ $99.99



The Tempest is probably one you have heard of. A nice sleak dark design with a smokey side panel and has e-ATX support. Has many of the high end case features like bottom mount PSU, watercooling tube holes, removable hard drive cage and sturdy construction quality. But the biggest downside is the noise from the fans (yes i am sure I have said this plenty for just about every case).

Its almost the typical high end case but with a lean price tag and an acceptable look. It is quite common to find this case among most gamers (but not as popular as the Antec 900).


6. NZXT LEXA S ~ $64.99 - $79.99



One of the best looking "space-age" cases I have seen. The quality is not bad, its well designed and the noise is very mild. Also on a plus side it does fit 10.5 inch video cards (so yes it has a nice amount of space). This case is more of a fashion statement than a hardcore gaming case, but it gets the job done quite well.


5. Lancool PC-K62 ~ $99.99



I like this case for a few reasons. Its tough, sturdy, cheap and looks beautiful.... and it's fricken huge and for $69-130 for any of the Lancool PC-K** series (which most seem to be similar in size and look), it is a great price. I can't think of any complaints for this case. I mean literally I kinda wish I got that case (the PC-K62).


4. Antec 902 (or Antec 900 2.0) ~ $99.99 - 109.99




Probably one of the best ventilated cases with maximum airflow. It is one of the best "cooling" cases in the market. With the same features as most of the antec family cases it does decent CPU cooling and some of the best GPU cooling you will ever see. But like most cases nowadays, if you put the fans to maximum, it will make a lot of noise.



3. Silverstone Raven 2 ~ $159.99 - 199.99



This case looks fat and it looks fat for a good reason. Its will fit any crazy large motherboard (including the evga classified 4 way sl. Damn look at that SEXY motherboard. LOOK AT ITTT !!!!) and it has a very compact size (for an eATX case). But despite being compact, it does an excellent job cooling too. This maybe the most practical, size to performance ratio that you can ever get out of a high end case. Its not as huge as a mini fridge and not so small that it would have trouble fitting components.


Also if you notice, the motherboard is faced on its side and actually this works better than the conventional position because it is easier to expel heat when all your video card exhausts face the top (simple in theory. Heat goes up). This is actually a brilliant move by Silverstone because not only do you make it easier to cool your case, you also save space (even though the motherboard is on its side, its dimensions are still on par with most high end e-ATX cases).


2. Coolermaster Cosmos 1000 ~ $169.99 - $199.99



Maybe its just me or I think this case looks like a bomb. Literally it is damn awesome. A nice looking ventilation grill on the top, handle bars, sound dampening material, tons of filters and solid aluminum (excluding the vent top). But the most surprising feature is a VGA ventilation duct which feeds air directly to your PCI-e slots (this can be removed to fit a nice radiator if you want). You also get side hard drive slots with nice handles so you can easily pull them out when you need to . But lastly this may (and still maybe) one of the largest cases you can buy for a desktop computer (larger than a Corsair Obsidian) and one of the quietest cases I have ever seen.


1. Corsair Obsidian 800d ~ $260-$299





This is not only a giant of a case, but also one of the sleekest looking ones. But even though it can look uncomplicated and simple, this monster case sports a ton of a features. A hidden hidden front HDD tray door, hidden front port connectors, easy to remove one button side panel, 11 cable management holes and enough extra room to fit a radiator. This case is absolutely perfect !! I mean its so big it can even fit Hecken in there (heck maybe I can rent out the empty space to him).


I mean nothing can match this type of quality, size and looks. Even the noise the case makes is minimal at best. And for something without tons of filters or foam that's pretty damn good. This is the most perfect case money can buy (if money is a problem though you can always rob a bank or rob dare).



Next week I will post a Hall of Shame for some of the stupidest and most ugly cases I have ever seen (and yes I know some of our member do own these shameful ugly cases :excl:).



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Don't forget Thermaltake Level 10




Overpriced piece of shit !! =P. 1 grand for that *piss*. I can't see how this thing is worth 1 grand. Even if it does good cooling lol (it kinda reminds me of the terminator)

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Overpriced piece of shit !! =P. 1 grand for that *piss*. I can't see how this thing is worth 1 grand. Even if it does good cooling lol (it kinda reminds me of the terminator)


agree with you. but it does look pretty and easy access though.. :lol:

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