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Computer stuff that pisses me off?




Computer stuff that pisses me off?




Here is a list of things of random computer stuff that seem to piss me off. And I mean really really piss me off. There are days i just want to throw a hammer into a mirror because of it !!! (especially #1 !!!!). So read it, add some of your own stuff that pisses you off, and one day some nab could write a book.

6.) 3d Mark Vantage Scores and PhysX.


OMGWTFBBQ I got 60k on my 3dmark CPU score =D.


You hear this all the time from ppl on the internet and once you hear that you already know "oh fack that guy don't know shit". Most people with Nvidia cards don't know this, but physX creates botched results during the CPU test which impacts the overall CPU score. Man i seen nabs be like "holy shit my CPU is soo good, it got 24000 CPU score. Then you go look at their specs and notice they got a Core 2 Duo and you are like "wtf...more powerful than an i7?".

From Futuremark Staff:

PhysX only affects CPU score in 3DMark Vantage and only if you enable PhysX acceleration and have the latest PhysX system software installed. In any case, we suggest you keep it disabled to have comparable scores.



CPU scores with and without PhysX in 3Dmark vantage. Over 20k is like the score of an i7 lol

So to the nabs out there who use Nvidia cards and don't know how to benchmark......your dual core is not better than an i7 EXTREME edition !!!! Facking nabs :rolleyes:


5.) Updating bios

Ya updating bios is suppose to be simple right? Not always


For example Gigabyte boards, i format a USB drive, put bios on it, install... No problem. Simple and a piece of cake.


Then you go try another motherboard like well lets say MSI. What the fack is this shit? "MSI live update" Fack you. You try to use the automatic updater it recommends and it doesn't do shit because it doesn't support Windows 7 x64 (and even to this day, it ironically still doesn't). So big deal you can do it manually.




What a piece of shit of a program


So I do the same thing I have done in the past with ASUS and Gigabyte boards (get the stick that is already formated, Put bios on usb, away we go). No !!! Wrong. MSI got some special shitty ass format and you look on their website for instructions.... "Put in win98 disk"... (already it tells me they need to seriously update their instructions). After all the commands you have to type and the shit you got to download its already been an hr and a half just to update a bios. For facks sake MSI why can't you do it like everyone else.



4.) Cheap ass power supplies that come with cases.


For gods sake don't use that shit =P. If it came with your case, throw the thing in the garbage can because its probably crap. People complain their motherboard or video card got fried. Well its no surprize !!!

Most of the time the PSU you that comes with the case doesn't even reach the watts it advertises at and they don't even disclose the efficiency (Because usually its a terrible 55% or worse). Hell a 500W PSU that is advertised only puts out 350W and when people start running some heavy material on it like a video card or multiple hard drives, its probably not going to last you a year (and don't be surprised that when it dies, a vital computer component of yours will fry with it =P).



So do the world a favor and when you buy a computer case that comes with a PSU, just huck it out (it will save you a heck of a lot of money in repair bills).



3.) CPU heatsinks that can't make ram clearance


For facks sake build tall CPU heatsinks =D. This is modern day and every RAM manufacter has attached a heatsink onto their ddr3 ram. As a result the ram is now 20% greater in height.


Look at corsair, patriot, mushkin...even kingston ! All their rams are at least 1 cm taller than the norm. It just pisses me off for all the people who go buy some Coolermaster, Zalman or Scythe ..etc CPU heatsinks find out it that you can't vertically mount it or else the ram gets in the way.




If you look closely, you will notice that in the first DIMM there is no way to put in a stick of ram because the heatsink is blocking it.

2.) CFM and static pressure ratings for Fans


Full of shit. That is all I can say. For example coolermaster fans that say 90 CFM, 3.00 mmH20 pressure and 19 dba. Wow that is awesome. That must like the best fan in the world. Wrong. Total bullshit. The damn thing makes 36 dba worth of noise, doesn't even have enough pressure to cool a CPU heatsink and isn't anywhere close to 90 CFM (it was independently tested to be 40 CFM instead). What a piece of chinese manufacturered shit !!!!!



Would anyone try to falsely advertise a Ford Focus as having 650 hp? Then why the hell would you do the same for a fan !!!




1.) Ugly ass PC cases. Everything seems to get uglier overtime




Ya military boxy corners and shitloads of mesh and plastic. Vive le revolution ! Go fack yourself !


Ya its a gay fad. Coolermaster finally designed a super ugly series of cases called the Haf X. Antec has started a genocide because for every good pretty case they make, they create 3 more ugly ones like the Antec Dark Fleet, skeleton..etc


All they do is make shit ugly cases nowadays because hey as long as it has a brand on it people will buy it. Ya throw a shit load of mesh and some plastic with a cheap metal frame and away you go.


Its literally the biggest BS i ever seen. For facks sake the Haf X only costs $20 dollars to make and they sell the facking thing for over a hundred. Also lets think about the value of cases nowadays. In the past aluminum use to dominate as the material used to build cases. It was sturdy, looked good, and never collapsed or bent.


Nowadays what do we get? Plastic and mesh. And the damn cases cost even more than they did in the past. Well fack that shit. Antec and Coolermaster you can go fack yourself with your gay ass cases. I hate you shitty ass slogan "We innovate our cases by giving it the best cooling possible".


NO SHIT. If I replaced the front and side panels with mesh, of course its going to give the best cooling possible. Hey they can go one step further and not even have a side panel at all !! Think of how awesome the cooling will be then



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