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The Dress Rehearsal and Events Leading up to it




So as some of you may be aware of, I'm the lead in this year's school play. What I'm sure most of you don't know is that being in a play or some sort of dramatic thing creates drama. In real life.


This year we are doing The Music Man, and lemme tell you something.


We. Are. Not. Ready. A lot of the speakers don't know their lines, what to do, where to go. Shit.


Guess when the performances are?


Next week.


Yeah, we're screwed.


So in the play, the female lead, called Marian, has to kiss Harold, the male lead. Repeatedly. The problem is, in real life, the guy who plays Harold has a girlfriend, who is obviously not me. Sooooo this week, the director said to kiss in front of everyone, and the girlfriend is in tech crew, watching the friggin kisses. If he was single, I'd enjoy this a lot more, 'cause he's HOT. Even now, I still enjoy it. BUT now she starts spreading rumors like the filthy whore she is (funny thing is that her last name rhymes with whore, so the people call her Anna Whore behind her back, lol) that I'm trying to break them up.


Hello? Overdramatic perhaps? It's a friggin' stage kiss, for God's sake! And besides the guy being hot as hell, there's no way I want to break them up. Girlfriend/boyfriend breakup is serious business. Don't want to be caught in the crossfire.


So how to deal with the Whore?


Talk. A very awkward talk. The kind where you say "I'm not interested in your girlfriend/boyfriend so please stop shittalking behind my back, I know you are, yes you are, f***ing lying bitchwhore, stop saying I'm f***ing lying. Whore." Well, that's actually what I thought, not said. What I really said is that I'm not interested in your boyfriend, so I just want to clear things up, 'cause I don't want to make you uncomfortable. Oh, I want to make you uncomfortable. Incredibly so. b***.


You'd think a freaking STAGE KISS wouldn't make so much trouble, but it did. See? Being in a dramatic thing CREATES real life drama.


So after I'm done ranting, the dress rehearsal was today. And OMG for the first time, the entire thing went smoothly. Except that I had to get up at 6:00 (normally I get up at 7:30, just in time for school, which starts at 8:00 :D) and then put my stupid long, silky hair that can't curl or be coaxed into a hairstyle beyond a ponytail into a bun. By which it was 8:00 by the time I was done. Then it turns out that I have to let my hair down inbetween scenes, so two hours of work goes in TWO MINUTES. The only good part was the costume. Which brings us to our next thing to discuss. The Costumes.


The costumes came late, my first costume was ugly as shit (red and green plaid. PLAID. WHAT THE HELL? Christmas colors? damn, that's hot) (not). But then there was this other costume. The director says that I don't have to wear it. HELLO? UGLY COSTUME, SWEATING IN HERE, PLUS IT SAYS RIGHT IN THE SCRIPT THAT I HAVE TO CHANGE. So I'm arguing, politely, lest I get kicked out by the director. Needless to say, I lost. So I'm sweltering in this itchy, ugly-ass costume while a cool costume is laying in the room. I was f***ing mad.


But overall, the dress rehearsal was great. I have a sexy new picture for fb (no you may not add me, pervs) and I think it'll be great. Sorry this post was so long, hope it was entertaining. I'm new at blogging (first time ever) and I'm bored, but I think someone needs to hear this drama shit. Next post won't be too long (hopefully).



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lol have fun with the drama =D. French kiss the guy just to piss her off *wink*


Hahaha i wish. he'd get mad too, plus i'm wearing lipstick when performances roll around. it'd smear all over his face :P

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