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US warships ‘harassed’ by Iranian forces in Strait of Hormuz – navy commanders

Yesterday, 10:40 AM

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American warships were "harassed" by Iranian forces in the Strait of Hormuz, according to US Navy commanders, who said the Iranians had their weapons uncovered, manned, and armed. It comes amid already tense relations between Tehran and Washington.
The incident occurred on Tuesday as a US-led, five-vessel flotilla, which included the aircraft carrier ‘USS George H.W. Bush’, passed through the waters on its way to the Arabian Gulf.
According to the commanders, the flotilla was approached by two sets of Iranian Navy fast-attack boats, some of which came as close as 870 meters (950 yards) from the aircraft carrier.

"What I don't like about that is they (Iranian boats) were in the middle of international transit waters (while) we had a right to be there as we were exercising freedom of navigation on our way into the Arabian Gulf," Rear Admiral Kenneth Whitesell, commander of the Carrier Strike Group 2, told journalists aboard the aircraft carrier, as quoted by Reuters.
"They also had weapons uncovered as some of the cameras were able to tell. They had some of the weapons manned. We also have aerial data that they were arming all of these weapons."

Whitehall said Iran claimed the US-led flotilla – which also included a Danish frigate and a French destroyer – had breached its international territorial waters. The commander denied that assertion.
Responding to the Iranian Navy, US forces deployed helicopter gunships from the ‘USS George H.W. Bush’ to hover over the speedboats. One of the helicopters was threatened by Iran, according to Captain Will Pennington, the commanding officer of the ‘George H.W. Bush’, adding that it was “certainly unprofessional behavior.”
The incident ended without a shot being fired, and the vessels continued on their way to the northern part of the Gulf to participate in US-led airstrikes against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Iraq and Syria. According to Pennington, the behavior of Iran's navy has become “more aggressive and less predictable,” essentially presenting “a risk to the merchant traffic that's around us [US Navy].”

Tense relations 
It comes less than three weeks after Iran's Revolutionary Guards said a US Navy ship changed course toward Iranian vessels in the Strait of Hormuz, accusing Washington of “unprofessional actions...(that) can have irreversible consequences.”Speaking of the incident to Reuters, an official said that multiple Iranian fast-attack vessels had come within 550 meters (600 yards) of the tracking ship ‘USNS Invincible’, forcing it to change direction.
In January, a US destroyer fired three warning shots at four Iranian fast-attack vessels near the Strait of Hormuz after they approached at high speed and apparently disregarded numerous requests to slow down.
Located between the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf, the Strait of Hormuz is a strategic waterway through which 30 percent of global oil exports pass annually.
Donald Trump's administration has already butted heads with the Islamic Republic, referring to it as the “number one terrorist state.” The US leader has also said that military options are not off the table when it comes to Iran, responding to a missile test by Tehran.
The already tense relations between the two countries were worsened by Trump's recent travel ban, which bars citizens from six Muslim-majority countries – including Iran – from entering the US. The ban was halted by a US federal judge and is awaiting a May 8 appeals court hearing.

Source: https://www.rt.com/n...ps-iran-hormuz/



The anti-ageing compound: Scientists create a chemical that can restore hair and give y...

23 March 2017 - 10:22 AM

Dutch researchers tested the effects of the new peptide compound on mice
They found it reversed loss off fur caused by age and made the mice stronger
It works by destroying broken, ageing cells that accumulate as people get older
Called senescent cells, they are considered to cause many age-related diseases

Scientists have made a breakthrough towards creating a pill that can reverse signs of ageing.
A compound that could have a dramatic effect in restoring hair loss, kidney function and physical energy has been discovered.
It 'seeks and destroys' broken, ageing cells that accumulate as we get older, Dutch researchers claim.
Known as senescent cells, they are widely considered to contribute to many age-related diseases.

In trials on mice, the effects were dramatic - both on naturally ageing mice and those genetically engineered to grow older at a rapid rate.
The compound reversed loss off fur caused by age, poor kidney function and made the mice stronger.
Fast-aging mice with patches of missing fur began to recover their coats after 10 days, the Erasmus University Medical Center researchers found.

After about three weeks, the ageing mice got fitter, according to the study published in Trends in Molecular Medicine.
Older mice began to run double the distance of their counterparts who did not receive the drug - called a modified FOXO4 peptide.
A month after treatment, aged mice showed an increase in markers indicating healthy kidney function.


However, the compound, which took four years to identify, has yet to be tested in humans - but the researchers will do so in the near future. 
It works by interfering with a compound called FOXO4 which is hardly found in young healthy cells.
As this compound builds up, it stops ageing cells from self-destructing. These then begin to build up around in the body, and lead to ill health.
The modified FOXO4 peptide overcomes this, and causes the cell to 'commit suicide' – destroying it.
It does this by triggering the cell’s self destruct button – which involves another compound in the cell called p53.
Study author Dr Peter de Keizer said: ‘Only in senescent cells does this peptide cause cell death.
‘We treated mice for over 10 months, giving them infusions of the peptide three times a week, and we didn't see any obvious side effects.
‘FOXO4 is barely expressed in non-senescent cells, so that makes the peptide interesting as the FOXO4-p53 interaction is especially relevant to senescent cells, but not normal cells.'

Source: http://www.dailymail...g-compound.html

Parliament shooting: Woman dies in Westminster attack

22 March 2017 - 08:27 AM

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A woman has died and a police officer has been stabbed in the Houses of Parliament in London, in what police are treating as a terrorist incident.
The attacker, who was shot by police officers, is reported to have earlier mowed down several pedestrians as he drove a car across Westminster Bridge.
He crashed it into railings before running into the Palace of Westminster and stabbing the officer.
A Downing Street source said Prime Minister Theresa May was safe.
Prime Minister Theresa May was seen being ushered into a silver Jaguar car as what sounded like gunfire rang out at Parliament during the incident.
MPs said they had heard three or four gunshots and staff inside Parliament were told to stay inside their offices.
Commons Leader David Lidington told MPs the "alleged assailant was shot by armed police".
Tom Peck, political editor for the Independent, tweeted: "There was a loud bang. Screams. Commotion. Then the sound of gunshots. Armed police everywhere."

Press Association political editor Andrew Woodcock witnessed the scenes unfolding from his office window overlooking New Palace Yard.
"I heard shouts and screams from outside and looked out, and there was a group of maybe 40 or 50 people running round the corner from Bridge Street into Parliament Square.
"They appeared to be running away from something.
Attached File  _95271229_westminster_shooting_624.png   838.52KB   1 downloads

"As the group arrived at the Carriage Gates, where policemen are posted at the security entrance, a man suddenly ran out of the crowd and into the yard.
"He seemed to be holding up a long kitchen knife.
"I heard what sounded like shots - I think about three of them - and then the next thing I knew there were two people lying on the ground and others running to help them.
"Armed police were quickly on the scene and I heard them shouting to people to get out of the yard."
'Mowed down'
An eye witness, Radoslaw Sikorski, a senior fellow at Harvard's Centre for European Studies, posted a video to Twitter showing people lying injured in the road on Westminster Bridge.
Attached File  _95272204_bridge.jpg   34.31KB   1 downloads
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He wrote: "A car on Westminster Bridge has just mowed down at least 5 people."
Scotland Yard said it was called to a firearms incident on Westminster Bridge amid reports of several people injured.
Transport for London said Westminster underground station has been shut at the police's request, and buses diverted.
Mr Lidington said: "It seems that a police officer has been stabbed, that the alleged assailant was shot by armed police.
"An air ambulance is currently attending the scene to remove the casualties.
"There are also reports of further violent incidents in the vicinity of the Palace of Westminster but I hope colleagues on all sides will appreciate that it'd be wrong of me to go into further details until we have confirmation from the police and from the House security authorities about what is going on."

Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-39355940

I requested to lock the topic to prevent discussion and fights yet the important news got shared with you.


Rich get even richer: Forbes’ global list shows record 2,043 billionaires

21 March 2017 - 05:10 AM

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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has has retained the title of the world’s richest man for the fourth year in a row, with a record 2,043 billionaires worldwide, Forbes magazine’s annual list revealed.
Bill Gates wealth has been estimated by Forbes at $86 billion as the tech mogul and philanthropist earned around $11 billion over the last 12 months. 
Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett took second spot on the list, which was released Monday, with $75.6 billion in the bank.
The podium was completed by Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, who is worth $72.8 billion, according to the magazine.
The rest of the top 10 includes Spanish clothing retailer Amancio Ortega ($71.3 billion), Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook in fifth ($56 billion), Mexican telecom magnate Carlos Slim Helu ($54.5 billion), Oracle founder Larry Ellison ($52.2 billion), US entrepreneurs Charles and David Koch ($48.3 billion each) as well as financial data and news mogul Michael Bloomberg ($47.5 billion).
Donald Trump lost around $1 billion last year, with his wealth currently estimated at $3.5 billion.
The development saw Trump falling from 324th to 544th spot on the list of the world’s wealthiest people.
“40 percent of Donald Trump’s fortune is tied up in Trump Tower and eight buildings within one mile of it. Lately, the neighborhood has been struggling (relatively speaking),” Forbes explained.
he magazine said that the number of billionaires worldwide has increased from 1,810 in 2016 to 2,043.
The figure represents a 13 percent growth. Their combined net worth of all of the world’s billionaires also grew by 18 percent to reach the record sum of $7.67 trillion.


According to the Forbes billionaires list’s co-editor, Kerry Dolan, the increased profits are explained by the booming stock markets and rising oil prices.
The US boats the largest population of billionaires with 565, but China is catching up with 319 billionaires. Germany is third with 114 billionaires, followed by India with 101 and Russia with 96, Forbes said.
The number of female billionaires has also increased by 25 during the past year, reaching 227.
The richest woman in the world is now Liliane Bettencourt from France, who is worth $39 billion after inheriting a stake in L’Oreal from her father.

Source: https://www.rt.com/n...es-gates-trump/

Marvel's Iron fist

21 March 2017 - 04:26 AM

I just started to watch this serie season 1 is just released on netflix and even I just started with episode 2 its sofar a really cool serie worth watching