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Goodbye =F|A=

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A step in the right direction
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Its not abuse if both parties acknowledge its just for fun and theres no real long-term harm done.. however when others see admins using commands that flippantly ( aside from a trial's initiation rites) , then they assume that when a command is actually done to enforce the rules, that it may just be viewed as a joke or something less than it is.

Truth is.. its better to KNOW the rules yourself so you could tell the difference.

Maybe just ease up on the vsays in game and the whole issue wouldnt even be an issue.
For those who dislike them altogether, to disable their sound is to just type in console /cg_novoicechats 1 or 0 to turn on/off the audio. u still see the words.. and you still hear all the announcer updates and comments otherwise.

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Joe already posted reasons.




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rofl @ timo and phantasm this has nothing to do with Baska abusing him or muting him. Its just someone who was not good at being admin and like I said before not everyone will make it to full membership. I am actively looking for trials that are breaking rules,etc etc. But also for the ones that deserve promotion.

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