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Weird Dreams

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I had this dream the other night about my friend. Me and her are in this kitchen somewhere, and for some reason we get into a argument. Funny thing is, we're speaking in some gibberish nonsense. I woke up, still remembering that one part (forgot the beginning part) and chuckled to myself.

Another weird but funny dream I had one time, pretty sure you all did the same thing, I was in the desert and had this duffel bag filled with cash, and I was going to pick it up. This feeling came over me that something was going to happen, so I tried to hang onto it as tight as I could and I woke up. I was half-asleep looking all over my bed and under the pillow for the bag. lol

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Weird.. My dreams are every night same. SEX SEX and once again SEX

You mean, like this? http://fearless-assa...633#entry120633

Sometimes I have deja vu dreams, and a week or month later I will see the situation I dreamed about and remember dreaming about it. Like a ten second piece of a conversation, or maybe walking into a store and seeing some people I never saw before, and remembering that I dreamed about it. It's neat.

I get that heaps as well! I've been caught by other people just staring, because I can remember some things that occur. Its really weird. Has anyone else had the dream where they're falling, like doing a bungie jump, and they can feel the sensation in their stomach? I have a feeling one day that will become deja vu...



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Lol ive heard those kind of dreams where u feel you are falling have some weird psychological meaning.
You should look into that :P




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I had a Bad dream about Jack the Knipper..........




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Wow man...I've had the exact same thing happen to me since I can remember. Sometimes I won't even see the actual event from my dream for a year or two, but when you do it's kind of like "Whoa..I remember that dream"

Still no lotto winnings though. What a useless talent, lol.

Yeah it's never anything useful. Maybe the future is trillions of separate possibilities and somehow we calculate one of them when we dream. Then sometimes that random dream happens to be the version of the future that you actually experience. Or it's close enough that you know it was based on the same event.

That's how I see it. It's confusing.



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sometimes dreams reflects ur feelings bout something...

Really? I don't think so.. Although, My dream was about having sex with Snooki.




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The cats represent a female in your life and cutting off the heads into a bucket represents the frustration you feel with that person.

Baska!!!!! What have you done??????

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