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  1. Happy Birthday Andrestor!

    1. Sasirou


      Happy Birthday

  2. You started one of the most popular F|A Threads ever. Where are you?

  3. Feliz navidad =)

  4. ALBONAMOJANAWENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bkjv9SscotY
  6. - Not to Worry and Be happy ♫ - ^ Same for everyone else - Death to inequalities (Does More wishes count? )
  7. OMG how can you let aside the original pack of cartoons in Cartoon Network and NIckelodeon??? -Dexter - Johnny Bravo -Powder puff girls (not denying I watched it ) - I am the weasel (Lars ) - Cow and chicken - Rocko - Pokemon - And some others I cant remember lol
  8. Hahaha I watched the Resident Evil movies just to see how they were similar to the games and not one bit lol Nevertheless I like the movies for the purpose of entertainment, but i LOVE the resident eveil games, got past the first one and it wasmad fun lol old and all and still. Tried to get a PS2 emulator to play RE2 and it sucked so i havent been able to get passed it, even though id wish to. What can I say, I like killing zombies, in fact check out this game here http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/550714
  9. Andrestor

    Congratz F|A

    LOL chuck reminded me of Jackass the movie on the 10k milestone we should have a party
  10. lol wuuut???? hahahha

    BTW nice pic hahah

  11. Broke the High E string of his guitar today :(

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. FiveMagic


      i've had that happen a few times, as long it does not break the finsh when it snaps i stay positive lol.

    3. Pici


      get thicker and better strings

    4. Andrestor


      thicker strings are harder to bend :/ but ok, until it breaks again i dont mind spending 10 bucks on the strings :P

  12. ALBONAMOJANAWENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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