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  1. Congratulations! You are now Full of it! Membership, that is! :)

    1. *ReVeRZe*..!?


      Congratulations finzero on full membership.

      I know u were my referral but ever since u have been missing. Come back soon i hope!

      Take care

  2. XFX 290X with Accelero Xtreme III. Monstrous asssembly. Much power. Such cool. Wow.
  3. FinZeroX

    Watch Dogs

    Check out and use this patch for better video quality: http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=390114
  4. I find it difficult to hold my grip with you people. Tell me how to do it.

  5. Anyone still up for some Rust? I'm a long-time player, but recently have just been administrating a server.
  6. To be honest, I ain't that pleased with the outcome. Some is good, some bad. In a nutshell it's just an objective-based BF4.
  7. Happy Birthday FinZeroX!

  8. As I cannot refer to every point presented on this thread, I'll grip to LA_Kings' as it seems categorized.
  9. You should provide us more details on your plans so we could help. At least these: - All hardware parts - Exact case model - Requirements - Part arrangements (ie. PCI slot conf) With those I could throw in my 2 cents.
  10. Counter-knife was kinda too easy. Or that's how I felt.
  11. Give us time zones / times. Do I play at your night which is my day or my night which is your day or the Chinese evening which is my early morning or what?
  12. So have you tried it yet? I got it at 50% and still downloading
  13. Well, it all started when I was still quite young, switching from finnish to english concerning my nick. Back then I was, as many might remember, Finnishsaint. It came by a song I really liked. Years after that, I decided to go for something a bit shorter. As people called me Fin, and as a person with a patriotic spirit, I wanted to keep the "country tag" there. After that the ZeroX part pretty much came without real inspiration. Z and X just have always been letters of my prefer. And having some ability to make fun of myself, I kinda presented my skills in some games (being zero X'es = no hits)
  14. Af didn't spot the personal preferences Seasonic is a good brand, but don't expect top quality from bronze effiency.
  15. There are 3 things to know. The fit, the looks and the layout. There's only one fit for each and only your hand knows which. Looks can only be seen live with your own eyes. Layout is what you will concider beforehand. Thumb buttons are good for ET.

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