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Well - what do we have here?

Posted by BoomStick, 08 October 2012 · 889 views

Interesting times are ahead. Interesting times indeed.

Having grown exceedingly fed up with a job hunt that was proving to be ultimately fruitless, I applied for a postgraduate diploma, which I was invited to interview for and I did. During the group workshops and interviews, they told us that 800 people (though it could have been more) were applying for just 200 places, so in essence, only 1 in 4 would get it.

Then followed two weeks of waiting and nervousness, until I finally received an email telling me that I had been accepted. I was amazed as I was among the youngest in my own group interview and everyone else had far more experience than I had. So I was just absolutely amazed and delighted, but it was in Dublin, which is on the other side of my country, which meant that I had to move, leave my home - where I've lived for pretty much my whole life, but I didn't mind, because I was growing exceedingly fed up with my current situation.

The awkward thing now is that I was unable to find a house in time, so now I am staying in a hostel while I try to find a place, which is proving more difficult than I had thought as it is more expensive than I'm used to, so my budget can't stretch that far in a lot of cases.

Ah well, at least my life is finally getting somewhere.

Good luck with your new job and finding a place to stay!
Good to hear you're getting somewhere, the best of luck mate !
Hey man, how are things now? you doing better? found a job? Keep the head up man. Things will clear.

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