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Oh what a day its been



Has been a while since my last blog update. What's been happening?


Well. I'm glad you asked. OK. You didn't ask, but I'll let you know anyway.


Started in my college course in September, which has taken up quite a lot of my time - it's all geared towards getting work, so a lot of work. Crazy amounts. Right now I've got three separate group projects; User Centered Design, Web Communications and an Industry project with one of the larger companies in Ireland. These group projects are with three separate groups and carry an immense amount of work. But.. so far.. I'm coping with it all.


I have also found myself in a new relationship. Very nice in fact - only started this weekend. My past relationships have been.. somewhat odd and unfortunate, so I've always been really wary about whether I want one or not. But then this girl came along and she's just incredible in so many different ways that I just feel lucky to even know her.


Fingers crossed that everything goes well.


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Hi I heard skullcollector has been banned that a pitty but ok I think he understands shouldf be nice to let him join again.  

layed et but it will come back like always.  he is always been very cooperative and he likes to make the game working

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