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  1. Happy Birthday iMacDaddy!

  2. The only examples i can think of, are: For example, !owned !warn Player Reason !bye etc... what are the rest?
  3. Today a guy got kicked for speaking in another language. It's not in the rules, so should it be included or did the guy get kicked unfairly?
  4. Hey man, how are things now? you doing better? found a job? Keep the head up man. Things will clear.
  5. I game under the name Fatal1ty, but my xfire is imacdaddy. Thanks! See you online, specially if you game in COD.
  6. As a matter of fact, I just read over at TUAW that apple quietly stopped running "genius" ads. I like the "I'm a Mac" ones.
  7. A phone with no eco-system makes no longer sense to me. Even though I like other phones better than the iPhone 4S, I buy it because all my devices work seamlessly with it. Why would I wanna change that? Windows Phone 8 will sync stuff, but has: - very few apps - movies? amazon? - music? amazon? - very few games - very few accessories
  8. hmmm... I have my whole business (even Peachtree backups) in Dropbox.
  9. wow, I wonder what's on this guy's mind... would be interesting to see.

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